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Assalamualaikum and good day

I'm a fan of korean drama and songs. I don't really follow all the korean wave whatever news religiously but still a fan, everything about korea is too mainstream nowadays, I know. But still I like their kdrama the most. I even learn Hanguk whenever I feel I'd like to because I've come to the state that I am stress when I couldn't read the Hanguk writing. Haha. Now I can recognize the letters but don't know the meaning still, quite satisfying..mihihi. okey, so I've finished watching 2 kdrama recently; Fight for my way and suspicious partner. Both dramas have my favourite actors and actress. Personally I really love fight for my way because it tells stories about friendship, dreams and love. I'm a fan of park seo jun but in this drama i really like the second couple! hiikk. I like the friendship part the most and I enjoyed it a lot. As for suspicious partner, I love the storyline but not the final episode. The final is too sweet and I feel like it is not really important. Still, worth watching due to the storyline; plot twist and a little bit of action. Nam jihyun's chemistry with ji chang wook is great and also dong ha who acts as a murderer in this drama is also good in portraying his character. chinca daebakk~~  
fight for my way/ third-rate my way

Suspicious partner

While waiting for my kdrama to be downloaded online everyweek, I watched a couple of anime; snow white with the red hair and also kimi no na wa(your name). The first one is very relax, easy to brain. So okey la, a little bit of funny moments in the story. For the second one, it took me quite some time to digest due to the plot twist. haha. I really love how they portrayed the beauty of nature in Japan in this anime. I was like "Wow.this is so mesmerizing" the moment it showed the mountains, roads and all in a place named Itomori. It reminded me of the Osaka trip I had back in 2015 :')

kimi no na wa


Yana Irdany said...

The Bride of The Water God! The Best Hit! Tengok yg 2 ni pulak!

Nabila Syifa said...

nice review

miradyana said...

@Yana Irdany nak tengok the best hit! haha. thanks yanaa~ nanti ak nak amik ak roger2 ko.hihi

miradyana said...

@Nabila Syifathank you :D

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