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Assalamualaikum and good day

I'm a fan of korean drama and songs. I don't really follow all the korean wave whatever news religiously but still a fan, everything about korea is too mainstream nowadays, I know. But still I like their kdrama the most. I even learn Hanguk whenever I feel I'd like to because I've come to the state that I am stress when I couldn't read the Hanguk writing. Haha. Now I can recognize the letters but don't know the meaning still, quite satisfying..mihihi. okey, so I've finished watching 2 kdrama recently; Fight for my way and suspicious partner. Both dramas have my favourite actors and actress. Personally I really love fight for my way because it tells stories about friendship, dreams and love. I'm a fan of park seo jun but in this drama i really like the second couple! hiikk. I like the friendship part the most and I enjoyed it a lot. As for suspicious partner, I love the storyline but not the final episode. The final is too sweet and I feel like it is not really important. Still, worth watching due to the storyline; plot twist and a little bit of action. Nam jihyun's chemistry with ji chang wook is great and also dong ha who acts as a murderer in this drama is also good in portraying his character. chinca daebakk~~  
fight for my way/ third-rate my way

Suspicious partner

While waiting for my kdrama to be downloaded online everyweek, I watched a couple of anime; snow white with the red hair and also kimi no na wa(your name). The first one is very relax, easy to brain. So okey la, a little bit of funny moments in the story. For the second one, it took me quite some time to digest due to the plot twist. haha. I really love how they portrayed the beauty of nature in Japan in this anime. I was like "Wow.this is so mesmerizing" the moment it showed the mountains, roads and all in a place named Itomori. It reminded me of the Osaka trip I had back in 2015 :')

kimi no na wa

Childhood memory: rich man

Assalamualaikum and good day

Last week mama brought me and young brother visited her old friend, just nearby. As they chatted, suddenly she asked about a relative of my dad, who we have not seen or heard of for ages. It reminds me of the chilhood days that I had. Me and my brothers called him tok ngah. Ayah and mama used to bring us to his house at sungai buloh when we were kids. I remember that his house was very big and his garden/yard was so big I thought that we would lost in it if we let ourselves engrossed by it. I also thought that it was also like a mini zoo because he had the ayam katik, goose in the garden and the most interesting part was the talking bird. Me and my brothers were amazed to see the talking bird. Everytime we went there, I would definitely visited the bird. Can't recall what it's name. I remember the bird saying assalamualaikum and hello. It was so fun back then. 

I remember that he was rich, single. He also adopted one or two orphans, can't really recall about it as all I cared was the fun, exciting things I experienced within his domain. He was very kind, helpful, soft spoken and always smiling. It was somewhere in my memory that we met tok ngah in a wedding so long ago. Mama chatted with him, he looked so different, so tan than usual. Based on their conversation I heard that he was doing offshore work during that time. That was the last time we met and heard of him. May Allah bless and ease him wherever he is now.

October Rant

Assalamualaikum and good day How are you guys holding on so far? Whatever circumstances you are in right now, I hope that you guys will...