Assalamualaikum, greetings everyone!

I joined Exprimo F.U.S (fast.upright.simple) team recently under the stock department. Apart from that, we have to be at the kiosk for at least 4 hours per week. As for me, I choose to work at the kiosk for 6 hours. Since, I take 3 classes for this semester so I have plenty of time doing nothing. lol. Okey so what is Exprimo and what we do actually? We receive parcels so that customers can pick it up at our kiosk. Apart from that, we also deliver parcels to customers upon request.. It comes with a charge of course, RM2(within 3 days of the date parcel arrived).

We sell pendrives, external hard disk, printer ink, usb cables and other accessories at the kiosk as well. It is fascinating that this idea came out after colleges did not take parcels for students. There were circumstances which made colleges decided not to take parcels for students again thus, Exprimo was set up.

I don't have experience dealing with suppliers before so this is my first time. Working in the stock team requires me to make contacts and be alert. My biggest problem is I always blur. Fortunately, I pick up things fast; a quick learner. But there are things that I feel a bit difficult for me to understand. Once I understood, it will be in the brain, in the memory.

Although, the pay is not much but at least I have something to do besides from studying, doing assignments and going to classes. I am able to meet new people, get to know active and highly motivated people which I found very fascinating and exciting.

For more information you can go to
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Post Convocation

Assalamualaikum, greetings~

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah the almighty, the most merciful for giving me chance to celebrate my convocation and on top of that, dapat pengecualian bayaran PTPTN ;D 
The only sad thing is I didn't manage to join the students parade entering the hall because of my shoes were not black, it was brown. So, after this remember, wear black shoes! The convo protocol is very strict. Then, kena lah duduk belakang. Thank goodness ada kawan-kawan lain jugak masa tu. 

I'd like to dedicate this post to my beloved families; mama, ayah, ocik, pakcik mat, my two young brothers, someone special, lecturers and of course my friends! Thank you all for the non-stop prayers and support. Thank you friends for lending your shoulder, hearing my cries, for every low and high moments and for everything. May Allah showers you all with happiness and blessings fid duniya wal akhirah. 

p/s: smile always.

October Rant

Assalamualaikum and good day How are you guys holding on so far? Whatever circumstances you are in right now, I hope that you guys will...