Pre Convocation UPM

Assalamualaikum and good day

Finally the convocation is just around the corner!! Weehooo. We are so excited and can't wait for the big day. UPM 40th convocation in 2016. It is our turn dear friends. Finally all the pain and tears paid off.I still remember how I wish to be one of those alumni. Look at their shiny glittery faces. Look at their joy. Look at how delighted they were; taking pictures here and there. I love the vibe. I love the scene I've seen in front of my eyes. Until the day of my turn. Yesss!

In the previous 2years of UPM's convocation I got the chance to be one of the staffs for the convo ceremony, assisting parents to their seats inside the main hall. Seeing the joy of convocation ceremony I can't wait for mine. I want to be in the graduates parade moving inside the main hall and take the seat. wuhooo! And parents taking pictures of their beloved children when they parade XD 

Throwback sikit gambar-gambar masa jadi penyambut tetamu Konvokesyen ke 39.hihi

So, I've collected the academic regalia last Saturday. You need to pay rm200 first through CIMB Clicks, CIMB counter and other 2 ways I don't remember. But you CANNOT transfer the payment through cash deposit machine or atm transfer. I paid through CIMB Clicks, easier. Then, log in to the student portal: SMP click on the menu and choose my konvokesyen> permohonan baru to apply for the robe,mortar board and other academic regalia. Payment must be made at least 2 days before the date of collecting academic regalia at DKAP. The payment is only for convocation fee. For your picture on the stage, you need to go to the booth and choose the package for the pictures on stage. The booth is from UPM Holdings. For mine, I chose the basic package which RM50 consist of 6pictures and I add RM30 for the texture (texture is optional. the texture actually untuk bagi gambar tu protected from melekat, rosak dimakan usia.haaa begitulah).  

After collecting the robe we went to photoshoot. First we went to Ladang 16. Actually we wanted to go to the famous Lagenda Budak Setan Tree but we couldn't find it! It was late in the afternoon so we took pictures around the ladang then went back to college. We used Nisa's gopro. No photographer, we wanna be savvy.haha. The next morning we went to Taman Botani Putrajaya to take more picturess~ Astaka Morocco in Taman Botani is very gorgeous. Many graduates went there to photoshoot as well. We saw graduates from UiTM, UM and UPM as well. Pre convo photoshoot was fun, we enjoyed it although it's tiring and we sweat like hell. Tapi bila lagi kan? We want to record the memories and keep it dearly in our hearts. 

thank you girls and kak yani sudi jadi photographer terhormat.hehe.xoxo

Our session is on this Saturday 22nd October evening. May Allah ease everything.amiin. 

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