New Journey

Assalamualaikum and good day

My introduction is always suck I don't know why. I'm just not good at introduction. Okey. Ignore that. A new journey has begun. New level has just begun. From undergraduate to postgraduate at the same place; UPM "tercinta". I'm pursuing for master by coursework in UPM. I know this is what I want. This is the plan I had in mind since I was 16y/o. I don't remember. 

Honestly, I don't know what to expect. Being at the same place same faculty. Pakcik mat tanya "tak bosan ke dengan UPM?" I don't have the correct answer but this is what I want. Place doesn't matter. The outcomes matter the most!

And pursuing for postgraduate program is a lonely journey, I admit that. It is the truth adik-adik. Especially when you continue to stay at the same place and all you see is new faces. Memories during the bachelor times are still fresh. Whenever I remembered them I giggled. The memories were indeed a treasure. I did most of my assignments with my favourite mates; Fiqah, Khaleeda, Fieya. And my roommate who I have known since foundation; Nisa. The gila-gila sisturr; Hani, Maya, Bella, Amoi. My partner in crime; Balqis. And everyone in B.A English (Sept 2012-Jan 2016). May Allah showers His blessing to everyone. Aigoo.. Emosi lebih pula hari ni. ngehhhh.

23rd and still blur. May all be well in future.


Alyaa Zakariah said...

All the best yayanggg! I know you can do it! Prove it to the world that you're doing what you want and you can succeed! Mmuah!

Yana Irdany said...

May Allah ease everything for you syg!

miradyana said...

Alyaa: thank you yanggg! Muaahh xoxo
Yana: Amiinnn.thank you dear~~

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