Ramadhan Kareem

Assalamualaikum and good day 
May Allah bless.

So we're now reaching towards the last ten nights of Ramadhan I hope it is not too late to wish happy fasting XD Honestly, I feel sad  this year when I realize that there are only ten nights of ramadhan left. Maybe because before Ramadhan came, I already set my niat to do better this time than I did last year. I remembered that last year I was so tired and distracted with the practical/internship things. Nafsu, penat & malas tu lebih diutamakan. I could still remember how many times I did terawih and how many times I read the Quran. When I looked back at last year I realize my mistake; I didn't not pray enough for strength & patience and I didn't set niat about what needed to be done in the holy month. Alhamdulillah this ramadhan I've improved :) Not a lot of improvement but yeah at least I manage to redeem the things I missed. Hence, in the last ten nights I hope I could do better. I hope we all could do better because this is the most holy month dear! Every single deeds will be multiple, insyaAllah. 

P/s: Betul lah niat tu penting. It guides us, make us more focus.

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