Mobility UPM-Osaka,Japan

Assalamualaikum and good day

I still remember the cool breeze of Osaka wiping my face, the cool air that I breathe and the clean environment. It was such a memorable journey and wonderful experience that I've gone through so far! Even in dreams I hope to go to Japan once again. hihi. And that was my first time ever going abroad and experienced the Japanese culture myself. 

20 students who studied Nihong Go (Japanese Language) from level 1-3 were involved in this programme. We worked hard within 2 months or less to find the sponsors to support us with this program. A fundraising dinner was held and alhamdulillah praise to Allah everything went well; we collected enough funds to make this programme into reality. Finding sponsors is not easy T_T It's tiring, our minds went haywire sometimes during the 'catching sponsors' period and conducting the fundraising dinner also. Fortunately, the fundraising dinner was a success and the sponsors love it. Thank God. Thanks to everyone involved, the top AJKs and especially Farah Sensei who worked very hard to catch the sponsors while motivating and encouraging all of us to get sponsors also XD 

We went to OSaka on different dates, group by group. Some group went 3 days earlier, my group went a day earlier and the last group reached Kansai airport on the Day of the event; 15th December 2015.

On the day we arrived at Kansai Airport, we're heading to our homestay by train.Because we arrived a day earlier XD

Ebisu Bashi Suji and also Dotombori; Shopping heaven in Osaka. My eyes were blinded by the stuffs they sell such as clothes, winter shoes, drug stores, souvenirs etc.

On 15th, we moved to Waku-waku no Sato; our hostel. But first in the morning we went to OISCA learning center for activities such as Japanese Class, tea ceremony, writing Kanji(I forgot the specific name for this activity.haha) and origami. It was fun and exciting. We got the chance to wear yukata~ one of japanese traditional clothes.

I cannot read Kanji. I only know Katakana and Hiragana. I just copied the Kanji word XD

OISCA learning center

Konnichiwa~ Hajimemashite! ;D

Tea ceremony session

Japanese language class

This is our hostel. Waku Waku no Sato

We went to the city which process all the waste; Maishima Incineration Plant. Amazingly, the place is odourless. No smell of trash at all. They also did a good job in processing the waste and use it as source of electricity.

The architecture is magnificient and very modern.
You can refer to this site also for more information.

We went to Nose High School. and taught the students how to play congkak ;D

We don't bring enough congkak so the students already make their own papan congkak from boxes. So creative. And rock is use as the bidama.
We also visited their farm. Nose High School is an agricultural school :3 They have rabbits, chickens in the farm just like in the Japanese drama/movie I've watched.

the view is veryyy nice

Then we went to watch the Puppet Show. The difference is that one puppet is played by at least 2-3person. And they also go on stage together with the puppets.

Selfie with our new friends ^^

This temple is one of the famous tourist attraction spot. Fushimi-inari Temple, Kyoto.

Somewhere in Kyoto I think... XD

I don't remember the name of the restaurant. The soup is very nice. And the sushi too! Ahh.. the sushi was wrapped with the leaves. very interesting..

Meet our guide in Kyoto, Natsuki-san~ He's studying in Kyoto University.

Meet my friend and our foster parents. Mr and Mrs Sawada. They are nice and very welcoming. We had sushi for dinner prepared by okaasan(mom). before going back to their house, otoosan brought us to the Hikari(Light) Festival in Osaka. I really love lights! Hontou ni arigatou gozaimashita Otoosan~~~ It was very tiring because we've been around Kyoto for the whole day but it was very fun.

Batu yang palinggg Ooki(besar) pada dinding Osaka Castle. What a giant rock! XD

Yahoo! Osaka Castle checked! :D But we didn't go up because we want to save money :3

The best angle to take the Osaka Castle's picture according to our Mr tour guide(I don't remember his name). Thank you for your assistance Mr! :D

Then... It's time to go back.Sobsobsob. We went back to Waku Waku no Sato and fly back to Malaysia the next day;21st December 2015.


Aida Syifaa ♥ said...

bestnya awak. so lucky to go to japan ;))

Fairuz Aqilah said...

Start kumpul kumpul lagi dari sekarang, nanti kita g sekali okey! :)

miradyana said...

@Aida Syifa Alhamdulillah rezeki..memang best :D

@Fairuz InsyaAllah! kalau nak pegi lain kali nak gi musim bunga nak tengok sakuraaaa T_T

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