Mother-Daughter Vacation: Langkawi

Assalamualaikum and good day

Mama treated me to Langkawi. Just the two of us #motherdaughtervacay
It was my first time boarding an airplane. Pergi Langkawi je la tapi. haha. Jadilah daripada takde kan. So we stayed for 4days and 3nights. We booked a room at Sweet Inn Motel from It was my very first time booking hotel and plane ticket online via internet. Yes I was sooo excited! The motel was nice because it's near to Cenang Beach. About 7minutes walking? or less~ hehe XD

Just wanna throwback our vacation on September 2015. We had fun indeed~

Riding the cable car while enjoying the panoramic view from the top of Gunung Macincang

I reallyyyyy wanna go here and here we are! Dayang Bunting Lake a.k.a Pregnant Maiden Lake. The mount there shaped like a sleeping pregnant maiden~

My mom is ready to conquer the lake! haha. She swam without the safety jacket and while her daughter tolong jaga barang and took selfies coz she can't swim. hehe

We were at Pulau Beras Basah in this picture. 
My mom had a nice nap there. She was so tired and sleepy. 
After that we went to Eagle Feeding and Pulau Beras Basah. I don't remember how much it cost for Island Hopping to 3 Islands: Dayang Bunting Lake, Eagle Feeding and Pulau Beras Basah. Maybe around RM 40-60? Entah. Tak ingattt~ haha. Yang penting dapat la merasa.

So I said to my mom: "Jom pergi lagi" "Hish. Tak nak lah. Penat" "Padahal mama yang ajak dulu"

25 Things That Make Me Happy

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

My first post in 2016............

Fairuz Aqilah tagged me. First and foremost let's get to the rules

First thing first, let's get into the rules:
  • Create a new post + Insert the theme picture above
  • List 25 things that make you happy most of the time (it can be in any language that you want)
  • Mention the blog that have tagged you (of course it can be more than a blog)
  • Tag at least 5 bloggers & make sure they know they've been tagged!
  • You can also share your favourite quote of the week! (if none, then it'll be okay)

So, let's go 
25 Things that make me Happy are:

1. Cool weather (windy and cloudy)
2. Watching Korean Dramas especially when my favourite actors or actresses are the hero/heroin
3. Taking nap in the afternoon ;3
4. Listening to my favourite music playlist 
5. Complete sewing the dresses/jubah or baju kurung 
6.  Window shopping with besties 
7. Flowers! Yass. I'm a very typical girl..nehhh 
8. Going to a vacation. I really really want to go to Sabah badlyyyy and going to Japan again XD
9. Being on high places. High buildings.
10.  Chatting about girls stuffs with my favourite girls
11. Cats! Meowwww~ Especially white coloured cats with blue eyes. Aummm~
12. Beautiful paintings such as the scenery or flowers painting
13. Ice cream- chocolate & nuts.nyummy~~
14. Viewing beautiful photographs of places around the world.

Osaka Castle

15. Scrolling instagrams, twitter and other social networking sites
16. Anything RED in colour
17. Singing when I'm alone and dance to the rhythm
18. Collecting hijab pins especially the butterfly designs
19. Eating while watching TV 
20. When I succeed in academic (but not sports. sobsobsob)
21. Cute things such as key chains, hair pins (girls stuffs in other words)
22. Presents and surprises~
23. Love from family and friends. Aishite~~
24. Money. muehehe
25. Giving to the needy. The more you have, the more you should give :)

Okey. DONE! Finally.... Now now now.. Who should I tag?

Kimi Jamai
Yana Irdany
Mimi Zairi
Fakhi Fendi
Emme Mukhtar

It took more than half an hour to find who should I tag.. Like seriously. Yelah.. Blog dah nak berkarat. ngehh.
I don't have any particular favourite quote but I have this idiom which I've been fond of for this week:

Once in a blue moon 


All pictures credit to Mr Google~

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