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Pre Convocation UPM

Assalamualaikum and good day
Finally the convocation is just around the corner!! Weehooo. We are so excited and can't wait for the big day. UPM 40th convocation in 2016. It is our turn dear friends. Finally all the pain and tears paid off.I still remember how I wish to be one of those alumni. Look at their shiny glittery faces. Look at their joy. Look at how delighted they were; taking pictures here and there. I love the vibe. I love the scene I've seen in front of my eyes. Until the day of my turn. Yesss!
In the previous 2years of UPM's convocation I got the chance to be one of the staffs for the convo ceremony, assisting parents to their seats inside the main hall. Seeing the joy of convocation ceremony I can't wait for mine. I want to be in the graduates parade moving inside the main hall and take the seat. wuhooo! And parents taking pictures of their beloved children when they parade XD 

Throwback sikit gambar-gambar masa jadi penyambut tetamu Konvokesyen ke 39.hih…

New Journey

Assalamualaikum and good day
My introduction is always suck I don't know why. I'm just not good at introduction. Okey. Ignore that. A new journey has begun. New level has just begun. From undergraduate to postgraduate at the same place; UPM "tercinta". I'm pursuing for master by coursework in UPM. I know this is what I want. This is the plan I had in mind since I was 16y/o. I don't remember. 
Honestly, I don't know what to expect. Being at the same place same faculty. Pakcik mat tanya "tak bosan ke dengan UPM?" I don't have the correct answer but this is what I want. Place doesn't matter. The outcomes matter the most!
And pursuing for postgraduate program is a lonely journey, I admit that. It is the truth adik-adik. Especially when you continue to stay at the same place and all you see is new faces. Memories during the bachelor times are still fresh. Whenever I remembered them I giggled. The memories were indeed a treasure. I did most …

Raya Post

Assalamualaikum and good day
Today marks the fourth Syawal. I've been thinking of updating something since before Syawal. ngehhh. Pemalas sebenarnya. Anyway, Salam Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Batin. Panjang umur murah rezeki kita bertemu lagi di Ramadhan and Syawal next year :') 

Ramadhan Kareem

Assalamualaikum and good day  May Allah bless.
So we're now reaching towards the last ten nights of Ramadhan I hope it is not too late to wish happy fasting XD Honestly, I feel sad  this year when I realize that there are only ten nights of ramadhan left. Maybe because before Ramadhan came, I already set my niat to do better this time than I did last year. I remembered that last year I was so tired and distracted with the practical/internship things. Nafsu, penat & malas tu lebih diutamakan. I could still remember how many times I did terawih and how many times I read the Quran. When I looked back at last year I realize my mistake; I didn't not pray enough for strength & patience and I didn't set niat about what needed to be done in the holy month. Alhamdulillah this ramadhan I've improved :) Not a lot of improvement but yeah at least I manage to redeem the things I missed. Hence, in the last ten nights I hope I could do better. I hope we all could do better b…

Opahku sayang

Assalamualaikum and good day
This post is dedicated to my opah; grandma from my mom's side. She's been with us since I was born. There were times that she stayed at my aunts' houses when I was in secondary school then back to my house and now she's paralyzed. She can't walk, bed-ridden. I'm still glad that she can sit and feed herself.  Seeing her in that state makes me a little disappointed with myself, sparks a little regret in my tiny lil' heart. If and only if I chose to be a doctor, or if and only if I chose something that's related with medicine/health etc.... If.and only if...
But at least now I still can do something to help her. Not much, I know. But I'll try my very best.  
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to passIt's about learning to dance in the rain.
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Holiday in Krabi baby! ;D

Assalamualaikum, good evening, こんばんは ~
How was your day earthlings? I hope it's great and you all had fun spending the weekend with your planned activities or just stayed at home, do nothing, watching tv etc.~
So, last March I went to Krabi for 3days, 2nights with Ocik, pakcik mat and my friend,Hani. It's easy to move coz Hani's home is not far from Pak cik mat's place.wee~ It was fun but tiring! The best part was when we went Island hopping, snorkelling, watched sunset and got massage. I love the white sand, beautiful beaches, and wonderful nature Subhanallah :3 The food was also nyummy! and It's easy to find Halal food in Krabi. But not all hotel serve halal food so be careful when booking. We stayed at Apasari Hotel, very comfortable and nice. 

On the day we arrived, we went to island hopping. We're tired like hell I tell you! T_T but it was great though and of course our skin got tanned. haha. how much sunscreen you apply you still got tan when you're …

Mobility UPM-Osaka,Japan

Assalamualaikum and good day
I still remember the cool breeze of Osaka wiping my face, the cool air that I breathe and the clean environment. It was such a memorable journey and wonderful experience that I've gone through so far! Even in dreams I hope to go to Japan once again. hihi. And that was my first time ever going abroad and experienced the Japanese culture myself. 
20 students who studied Nihong Go (Japanese Language) from level 1-3 were involved in this programme. We worked hard within 2 months or less to find the sponsors to support us with this program. A fundraising dinner was held and alhamdulillah praise to Allah everything went well; we collected enough funds to make this programme into reality. Finding sponsors is not easy T_T It's tiring, our minds went haywire sometimes during the 'catching sponsors' period and conducting the fundraising dinner also. Fortunately, the fundraising dinner was a success and the sponsors love it. Thank God. Thanks to ever…