Goodbye Holidays T.T

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Here I am in UPM *sigh* It has been a week already. So far so good. Back to the same old college and the same room, meeting the same coursemates & friends, going to class by bus, bla bla blaaa.. everything's the same except for my age of course(ehem, forever 21) and a brand new challenge as a third year student. ohhhh... rasa nak pengsan (drama sangat)

I really hope that everything's gonna be just fine until the end of semester. I will survive this! yes! We are going to survive dear friends!! so, good luck to all. mana yang nak kejar dekan tu best of luck. mana yang nak kejar pakwe/ awek tu good luck(#Ehh) kenduri jangan lupa ajak ~ ;)
May Allah bless all of us and May Allah protect our Iman. Aminn..

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