Kellie's Castle

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Melawat tempat bersejarah katanyaaa~ So basically Kellie's Castle is located near Batu Gajah, Perak. About 20-30 minutes from our home(Seri Iskandar). Here's the history of this wonderful castle (source: of course from Google-wikipedia) :
William Kellie Smith (1870 - 1926) was born in 1870 in Kellas, Moray Firth, Scotland. In 1890, at the age of 20, he arrived in Malaya as a Civil Engineer. He joined Charles Alma Baker's survey firm, who had won concessions from the state government to clear 9000 hectares of forests in Batu Gajah, Perak. With the substantial profits made from his business venture with Baker, Smith bought 1000 acres of jungle land in the district of Kinta and started planting rubber trees and dabbled in the tin mining industry.In time, he named his estate Kinta Kellas after his home farm "Easter Kellas" and went on to own the Kinta Kellas Tin Dredging Company as well.With his fortune made, he returned home to marry his Scottish sweetheart, Agnes, and brought her over to Malaya in 1903. They had a daughter named Helen the next year.In 1909 Smith built his first mansion, "Kellas House" and in 1915 with the birth of his son and heir Anthony he started planning for a huge castle with Scottish, Moorish and Indian architecture. He brought in 70 craftsmen from Madras India. All the bricks and marble were imported from India, too. Included in the plan for the 6 storey tower was Malaya's first elevator, an indoor tennis court and a rooftop courtyard for entertaining.

Construction difficulties and Smith's deathUnfortunately William Kellie Smith died at the age of 56 due to pneumonia during a short trip to Lisbon, Portugal in 1926.
William's wife was devastated and decided to move back to Scotland. In the end, Kellas House, later known as Kellie's Folly or Kellie's Castle, was sold to a British company called Harrisons and Crosfield.

Photoshooting time!hee~

-I accidentally deleted the pictures from my camera *crying* these are all from fairuz's camera.thanks dear :*

Kakak-kakak riang beraya

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Akhirnya, dari Raya Kedua duduk memerap dalam rumah dengan aktiviti-aktiviti yang sangat tak produktif : mencekik,melahap makanan online tengok tv tidur layan Bleach yang beratus ratus episod hari Jumaat-raya ke-5 pergi lah beraya.yeayyy.. tak sempat nak pusing seluruh rumah kawan-kawan, cikgu-cikgu dalam masa sehari.. huu... Lepas tu geng tak cukup sorang pulak. raya ke-5 pun still ramai lagi yang tak balik rumah memasing. 

Dalam beraya tu ada la sedikit sebanyak kutipan duit raya..#ehh hehe
tapi memang tak sempat la nak beraya banyak tempat dalam masa sehari je :( dah macam budak-budak bersemangat nak raya =.=  lepas tu selfie konon cecomel banyak-banyak.maklumlah zaman dulu2 takde gadget canggih macam sekarang. dulu takde kamera sekarang dah ada. apa lagi~
tengok lah betapa seghonok nya kakak2 ni semua beraya. umur orang kata dah boleh kahwin dah ;P

Still,pray for :

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