Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

hye lovelies! lama dah tak update apa2.busy~ T.T
I'd like to invite all of you IPTA/IPTS students to our career fair sponsored by Talent Corporation Malaysia. This time the focus is on the entertainment & communication. When we say entertainment, what comes to everyone's mind is about artist, singer, dj. 

Dear,entertainment is not about being an artist or a singer. this fair will be joined by  about 30 companies which would offer you jobs from different departments such as Admin, Human Resource, Technical, marketing, advertisements etc. so, what are you waiting for! 
Once in a life time chance, guysssss....!!!!
 so, what are you waiting for! come and join us at Banquet Hall, UPM on 27-28th May 2014. what's so interesting about it? Norman KRU, Sazzy Falak, Nash Idrus and also Seelan Paul will join us!


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