hye march 2014!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Hye people.I am back from my hiatus ;3 poor you blog your owner has abandoned you for quite some time.me apology dear ;( 
So, semester 4 has started and there are lot more of it. this is getting harder and difficult for me and all of my coursemates i believe. but as long as we believe in Him there's nothing could get in our way to success right? bzzz~ enough babbling now lets jump into my world.muehehe

second week's event :
seoul garden,the mines

RB,aqil,amoi and me ;)

pizza hut,the mines

meet aqil(apek mane tah dia ni.haha) on the right side.hahah. and at the center is amiirul aliif(RB)
till we meet again :D

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