just another 'usual' week

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Hye dear earthlingggss! so how's your day? excellent? worst? or both?
Mine was oookeyyy laa.. Another hectic,hell and effing week has passed.it's a relief since I survived this week.barely survive i'd say. and as usual my mama always motivate me and also ocik n pak cik mat also helped me a lot,well I often stay at their house during weekends.hewheww.thank you all.lots of love.

Now since there will be one test next tuesday, I want to focus on... myselff.ahaahaha.selfish lah.
No laa..there are so many things to do such as assignments,arabic video,english drama,etc. as usual self motivation "you can do it mirrah", "Allah is always with you",and "you have friends who would be there when you need them" and and "Harir" ;3

Oh yaa..I forgot to mention that I'm taking Arabic (komunikasi) level 3 this semester.yeayy! the class is awesome,the ustaz also awesome.hikhik. another class which I enjoy very much is penterjemahan berbantukan komputer,dr normaliza is so 'selambaa' and funny but....but..the homeworks are also like hell.hewhewheww. seriously,it's fun. I've learned many things I haven't known, haven't encountered before especially about machine translation. actually, there are abundant of online machine translation.the most famous one of course la Google translate.. well, so far we have used two types of machine translation which are google translate and citcat.com. but then, we still have to correct the sentences. you know google translate cemana kan..sebijik sebijik word diterjemahkan. so as translators(insyaAllah), it's our job to translate and correct the sentences so that readers of our language could understand the texts and messages conveyed by the source language. 

Learning is fun indeed,but to be successful sweat and tears are required.no pain no gain mannn.. senyum selaluu~~
alamak.merapu dah ni. hehe. till here. i'll update later oke :)


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Malaysians, be strong and never give up. He is testing us. He always watching and listening to our prayers. Allahuakbar.

hye march 2014!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Hye people.I am back from my hiatus ;3 poor you blog your owner has abandoned you for quite some time.me apology dear ;( 
So, semester 4 has started and there are lot more of it. this is getting harder and difficult for me and all of my coursemates i believe. but as long as we believe in Him there's nothing could get in our way to success right? bzzz~ enough babbling now lets jump into my world.muehehe

second week's event :
seoul garden,the mines

RB,aqil,amoi and me ;)

pizza hut,the mines

meet aqil(apek mane tah dia ni.haha) on the right side.hahah. and at the center is amiirul aliif(RB)
till we meet again :D

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