yes sirr! I'm one of a kindd~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Tittle di atas sangat tak berkaitan dengan isi post.hew hew.. ;)
So, beauty and the beast play went smoothly. tak sangka dah abis buat kerja-kerja props :(
Sedih doo hari akhir pementasan tu.masing-masing menyampaikan amanat/kata-kata terakhir. Kak wada,abg daus,reanu,kak bell,nasa,yuni,lisa,annur,faiqa and afi all of you will always be in my heart. I'll never forget all the things we went through upon finishing this play and succeed in the end. What a bless to get to know each and everyone of you :')
And i'm glad that i also got a new family that is all of you! group kat fb pun dah tukar jadi FAMILY.hihi. LOVE IT! ;D

Play is done,tests,quizes are all done except for assignment and presentation= translation n phonetics. What a hectic life we got here eyy.. I'm sure that all of my friends feel the pressure.
There's this thought which keeps on lingering in my mind= give up. 
yeahh..I'm almost give up in pursuing my dreams.. untuk dapatkan ptptn free nampaknya macam angan-angan je.. yeah,some of you might say that"it's still not too late", "just relax,don't hope too much juz try your best,you can..bla bla bla" for once, try to be in my shoe. live as me. mampu? 
only one thing,one thing which makes me stronger: faith. 
I think i'd die without faith. thanks mama for armoring, nurturing me with a word called faith. astray i would without faith. after i talked to my mum this evening, the spirit once lost came back. arghh..rasa nak nangis pun ada.. suddenly i miss my home so much !

My emotion is still unstable. But ahh..ignore i got my strenght back, never gonna lose it. Let's talk about banjir.. Teruknya banjir kali ni.especially kemaman and kuantan. Thank god harir and family dia tak apa2..Ya Allah.tak tau nak kata apa. harapnya sumbangan kita semua boleh la membantu ye :(

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