a week after

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Happy tuesday you allszz~
Now, back to my normal life-kolej 12-UPM. _life at home was absolutely awesomely abnormal_the only place in this world where i could be myself 200%_
Enough with the tears,heartbreaks, longing for ma home;parents;family. get up and stand strong girl.

I've been working during the holiday and yeay it really worth it! 
Helping kak ana sewing clothes,sharing stories..
i love it !

The only thing that sadden me is I don't have any sewing machine yet :(
So, I'm psycho-ing myself not to spend money on petty things:clothes,expensive food,shawls(but yesterday i bought husna's shawl T.T) etc in order to achieve my dream *blinking eyes*

I'll be super duper busy starting from this month with activities = theater, college, and of course assignments-tests-quizzes. i've made an oath not to disappoint myself again and put all of the effort to the max.
may You bless me, Allah.


FairuzAqilah said...

ooo... jadi kau keje kat tempat belajar jahit tu erh? hehe.. bestnya pandai menjahit.. :D

miradyana said...

haahh~ berbaloi jugak la utk duit tambahan.hihi.nak simpan duit beli mesin jahittt :D

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