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masa al khair earthlingss~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
So long since my last time here huh.. I'm too busy with assignments especially from dr. Rosli. hewww Now, first lets talk about my opah. Early this month she was confirmed of diabetes. I was so shocked that I hurriedly went back to Ocik's house. Her right foot was really bad. I hugged her and said that I missed her so much. She smiled. She was so happy to see me.ihihihi.. She knew that she must be very careful in choosing food. She cannot eat everything now. I'm sad for her because she was so healthy back then. Even her body looks smaller than before. Surely she had lost weight so much.   God. I missed her. Right now she's at my house. I've been at house from last thursday. I missed my home so much.erghh. It is not a planned vacation actually. All of the works are going towards an end. Besides, only dr. Rosli's work is left. Then, next week is the lastttt week of lecture.yeay. And then.. comes the final exam. T.T