week 2-done

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Dah tak tau nak mula camne. ==" 2weeks in upm for 2nd semester ni so far so good.
The difference is we got lecturer who is soooooooooooo 'kind'. why i said so? heh.
He likes to give us lot of ass-signment. -,- arghhhh. every week dia akan bagi assignment..
 tak sukeeee T,T 
Dah la literature pulak tuuu.. and there's no other class. So we have no choice but to stay in his class. He is okay actually but.. yeah. sometimes tu.hmm.. tah laa..
or is it me who dont like literature? heww

As for college,is still the same. The same roommate. Now there's three of us. The other one stays outside. I don't know why. maybe coz she wants to enlarge her business i guess. haha :P
Biaq pi dia lah. asalkan dia pegi kelas ye dak?
And it is still 19 credit hours per week this sem. new subjects, few new lecturers. 
Oh yaa.. forgot to mention. I'm taking Arabic as my third language.heeee
Learning and be able to speak other language has been my dream. So, now I got the chance and thanks to Him. Arabic is not even in my plan actually. I want to learn mandarin. But then I thought that why not arabic? i already know the alphabet although I dont have any basic. furthermore, it is the language of alquran. :)

First day class arab kan.. memang best gua bagi tau luu.. Belajar balek alip,ba,ta,tsa,jim...
hihihihihi. others are learning the characters and bla bla such as korean,japanese, spanish language..  I belajar alif ba ta u olls XD
Suara ustaz tu agak 'romantik' la.haha. kalau bukan sebab minat memang aku tido kot kelas dia.hihi
and and for history of english class kan, my academic advisor ajar. Besttttt.. But when she starts holding the name list, everyone becomes nervous. For me, she is a good lecturer because she likes to revise topic that we had learn before. Next time if I have time, I'd like to show a bit how english language develop. it's really interesting. ^-^

Tomorrow is koku dayyy..olla badminton. I skip last week. huuu. So, this week I must go. and Amoi said that the instructor is okayy. it makes me a bit relieved. 
and I join the theater also. as backstage person je. itu je yang mampu. huhu

that's all for now. ^^

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