terribly sad

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Exam mood turn off for a while. Jyeahh.
This morning I sat for grammar and linguistics payyyyyperrr.. my grammar sucks as usual. haha
but thank god the questions are not that difficult like when I was in Foundation. but still grammar kann. well you knowww.. confusing.hew hew

I'm still okay with grammar. but for linguistics. arghhh.. it really kills me. T.T
There's this one question about a principle in pragmatics. There's a few principle in this chapter so I was really really confused. Then suddenly I remembered this one principle. So dengan yakinnya aku pun tulis laaa.. After I got out from the exam hall i heard my friends talking about that principle question. Suddenly...I felt like something which is hard, sharp fell on my head. My answers were totally wrong. Ya Allahhhhhh.. I feel like crying. I wanna blow my head with a gun.
Nasib baik aku waras lagi -.-

I know I've lost so many marks. In my head : redha je la mirrah...

Nak mengadu nih kat harir. Call tak jawab. Then, malas pikir. Makan,tido.
Petang call umah nak mengadu kat mama or ayah ke. Dua-dua pulak takdeeee..
Adik2 aku memang tak membantu sangat lah.haha
Mirza pulak macam tengah mood sedih :( tanak kaco diaa~

Then, I cried alone.I cried and cried and crieddd.. Suddenly a voice whisper in my head.says,
'don't you realize who's the one that has been always by your side 24 hours a day,every minute,every second?'
Allah. Then. i cry again. 
He tests me. He wants me to realize that no other in this world that will always be there for me except Him. 
mengadulah pada Dia. Cerita lah pada Dia.

p/s: lega jugak dah habis exam for killer subjects ^.^
but there's another two exams.sigh.


FairuzAqilah said...

sabar.. insyaAllah, carry marks lain akan bantu kau. jangan putus harapan! all the best for you, my dear!! :') ♥

miradyana said...

thanks :')

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