say tata to semester 1

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

2 sept 2012- beginning of a new chapter as a degree student. Never expected that I'd go this far. At first, rengekan dan rungutan menemani. Call mama merengek rengek mengadu tak reti linguistics,tak suke lah,bla,bla,bla. Then, Small room with four people inside. Bilik pulak tinggi nak mampuihhh. Tingkat 5 you allss.kau mampu?haha. But then time goes by. until the end of november I finally get used with this new environment. I started accepting, learning and loving this new environment. things that weren't comfortable at the beginning becoming better. Making lots of friends  :D

Having Khairunisa Sabu by my side makes me feel better. though I miss my cute(muntah ijau) mirza.haha. Plus, adenye Amoi yang otak gile tahap gaban ke lagi gila dari gaban.haha. Semua rasa terkejut, ke tidak terbukaan hati menerima ketetapan Allah untuk aku berada kat upm ni hilang hari demi hari. It is painful at first when we can't no longer be all together in one place. but finally I manage to cure those feelings. Agaknye lah.huhu. Lagipun, still boleh jumpe kannn. yang penting hati sentiasa dekat :)

And I also got girls who always made my day. 
roommates :)

tasza,shida, azira.

and here's another 'dara pingitans' who always make my days also.hahahhaa XD

left: me ;3 , sharifah, bella, maya
I don't remember how and when we started to become close with each other. haha. 
Tau2 je kat kelas mesti aku duduk sebelah korang :3

Lagiii.... Humm. yahhh~ the best lecturer award goes to Tengku Mazuwana :D
She's teaching us grammar this sem. She's kind of course.hehe. 
ohh.sorry.I didn't have her picture lerhh --"
So now it's the end of semester. yayyy XD congratulation to me. hikhik. lets see how's the final result.gulpp -,-  
-10 JAN 2013 last paper-

See how I've been developed into a young adult(erk?) yet still has those gediks+manje+ngade2 behaviour. If Allah still give me chance to breathe longer, I'll be officially 20 by 17th august this year. I hope that I'm still in a good shape, lived in this world with bless from Him. aminnn..

Soo.. hibernating weeks here I come ;D  
p/s: have to go back to upm on 17th feb :(((( 


FairuzAqilah said...

dah start cuti, contact contact lah ok? kalau aku tak sibuk sangat, boleh kita keluar dating! :D

miradyana said... hal dear :D

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