miss you.so much.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Every single day. I keep on thinking of you. What are you doing at this time? Have you eaten?
Do you sleep well? How about your health, your blood pressure?
I miss you opah. I love you so much that I pray everyday .may Allah will always protect you.

You've aged.day by day. I hate seeing you unable to walk like you used to 5 years ago. I hate seeing you weak. It makes me sad :(

Akak nak tengok opah. Nak pastikan jugak dengan mata ni sendiri yang opah baik baik je. 
and I believe that He always protect you <3 p="">

p/s: nanti nak ajak jugak dorang bawak akak tengok opah. dah la tak bagi akak drive sendiri pegi sane -_- waaaaa.rindu :(

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