yes sirr! I'm one of a kindd~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Tittle di atas sangat tak berkaitan dengan isi post.hew hew.. ;)
So, beauty and the beast play went smoothly. tak sangka dah abis buat kerja-kerja props :(
Sedih doo hari akhir pementasan tu.masing-masing menyampaikan amanat/kata-kata terakhir. Kak wada,abg daus,reanu,kak bell,nasa,yuni,lisa,annur,faiqa and afi all of you will always be in my heart. I'll never forget all the things we went through upon finishing this play and succeed in the end. What a bless to get to know each and everyone of you :')
And i'm glad that i also got a new family that is all of you! group kat fb pun dah tukar jadi FAMILY.hihi. LOVE IT! ;D

Play is done,tests,quizes are all done except for assignment and presentation= translation n phonetics. What a hectic life we got here eyy.. I'm sure that all of my friends feel the pressure.
There's this thought which keeps on lingering in my mind= give up. 
yeahh..I'm almost give up in pursuing my dreams.. untuk dapatkan ptptn free nampaknya macam angan-angan je.. yeah,some of you might say that"it's still not too late", "just relax,don't hope too much juz try your best,you can..bla bla bla" for once, try to be in my shoe. live as me. mampu? 
only one thing,one thing which makes me stronger: faith. 
I think i'd die without faith. thanks mama for armoring, nurturing me with a word called faith. astray i would without faith. after i talked to my mum this evening, the spirit once lost came back. arghh..rasa nak nangis pun ada.. suddenly i miss my home so much !

My emotion is still unstable. But ahh..ignore i got my strenght back, never gonna lose it. Let's talk about banjir.. Teruknya banjir kali ni.especially kemaman and kuantan. Thank god harir and family dia tak apa2..Ya Allah.tak tau nak kata apa. harapnya sumbangan kita semua boleh la membantu ye :(

something about beauty.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Okey. suddenly I thought of skin care products and make-ups.
Frankly, I don't know much about make-ups. heww *tapi nak cakap jugak*
this is more like showing things that I own kot.hehe ;P

For me, the most important thing for eye make up is eyeliner. My eyeliner(liquid) here is from maybeline.tadaaa... I bought it at Sasa. Oh and don't worry about the price because it is very affordable. rm17.90 Furthermore, it has very thin tip which makes me love it even more! easy to handle, comfortable :D

next is compact powder. this is my first time using kokuryu compact powder. people call this as bedak arab. 3 in 1: moisturiser, foundation, powder.a bit pricey but it's worth it because of the size and nett weight is 50gram. so,i think it can last over a year.hee :D new eyeshadow palate~ hikhik. actually, i'm not familiar with eyeshadow.I've used it twice only for event such as friends help me with it because I don't know much about applying it. so now, i am brave enough to try it out and see how it goes*excited*
got it for rm20~ 

now move on to lips. I pampered my lips with lip gloss.The reason I opt for lip gloss is because lip gloss feels lighter on the lips than lipstick. Besides, most lip gloss give natural look to lips. my beloved lip gloss is from skinfood ;)

Wait, there's moree peeps~ Now,let's move on to skin care products :D
Applying toner and moisturiser is a must in everyday life especially for oily skin type like me. So, for toner i use Bio-essence Tanaka's good because it's not concentrated at all, thus easy for skin to absorb the fluid. I've been using it for a month and really suits my skin ;3 love it.

My favourite moisturiser is from Simple. It is light and feels natural on the skin when you apply it. If you have sensitive skin, this moisturiser is very suitable for you as it doesn't contain harsh chemicals nor artificial perfume.

Last but not least, facial cleanser. before this, I've used few cleansers : clean n clear, olay, safi, garnier. nothing much happen to my face except for clean n clear which is suitable for me,less acne. but then as i grow up i believe that my hormones are changing and the cleanser didn't work as it used to. so i kept on surveying and experimenting other cleansers. Finally, I found rice milk soap! CLICK HERE , or HERE for more info. it can be used as facial cleanser and also as body shampoo. I've been using it for a month and the result is very satisfying!: less acne, less oily skin. the most important thing is,it's cheap and Halal. I bought it for only rm5/1pcs- available in any beauty outlet/kiosk * different place,different price* :D

For extra care of your skin, I suggest that you consume supplements like vitamin C or E or both to provide your skin with essential vitamins. you see aaa.. vitamin is very important for our body,for our health. I'm taking vitamin C (advantages or here) from Kordel's (available at any pharmacies) as my supplement and since then, my skin has improved a lot- betuiiii tak tipuuu.heheh. Don't forget to drink a lot of water. of course you'll always have to go the toilet frequently but the result is excellent.

p/s: aim for healthy skin, not brighter skin. memang cantik pun kulit cerah,putih tapi yakin ke kesihatan kulit bergantung pada kecerahan atau putihnya kulit? hmmm.. I believe it also depends on our genetic. so, take a very good care of your skin inside out ;)

for more tips on skin care = HERE

Pretty Awesome Giveaway By Khairina

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Wanna grab some gifts? Be a winner by joining this giveaway 
Hadiah menarik menanti anda ;D

wish me luck <3 p="">

a week after

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Happy tuesday you allszz~
Now, back to my normal life-kolej 12-UPM. _life at home was absolutely awesomely abnormal_the only place in this world where i could be myself 200%_
Enough with the tears,heartbreaks, longing for ma home;parents;family. get up and stand strong girl.

I've been working during the holiday and yeay it really worth it! 
Helping kak ana sewing clothes,sharing stories..
i love it !

The only thing that sadden me is I don't have any sewing machine yet :(
So, I'm psycho-ing myself not to spend money on petty things:clothes,expensive food,shawls(but yesterday i bought husna's shawl T.T) etc in order to achieve my dream *blinking eyes*

I'll be super duper busy starting from this month with activities = theater, college, and of course assignments-tests-quizzes. i've made an oath not to disappoint myself again and put all of the effort to the max.
may You bless me, Allah.

unproductive day

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

so, here we are. at the end october. hey,welcome november! 
today, the class is at 2 pm. and yeah,i'm sitting in the room doing nothing at all facing le baby lappy. browsing some clothess, stalking, etc. ain't productive at all kan?
If i got plenty of money, i would go for facial at the salon.unfortunately, sekarang tengah sengkek and i want to save some money so that i'll have enough fulus until the end of this sem.

Time flies quickly that i didn't even realize it's already week 8! O.o 
so, next week we're having holiday~ i can't wait to go back to ma home! i miss home so much. and of course i miss every people in it;family <3>

I don't know how to describe my life going through this semester. I felt awful and stupid. as the marks for the first tests are ugly! i cried of course. I've never cried for test but then,eventually i cried. those who had been successful and excellent before, then suddenly failed bit by bit, you'll understand the pain i felt. here, i feel very stupid and blur. it feels like i don't belong here. the insecurities that i felt keeps haunting me. since the results for the first tests were given, the feeling of insecure, unwanted grown stronger than before. why am i like this T.T wuuuu~~

but then, this one tiny voice inside me held me up and said ; accept yourself for who you are,never give up.accept your weaknesses and love yourself. give 120% effort + keep faith on Him.
where's the old me who'd never give up? i think i'm kinda lost myself somewhere else. i lose focus. so now, stand still, be strong and grab all the things you've left out. learn from the past. *sigh*

this month had been wonderful since i gained a lot of experience! being a volunteer in BSN nite run and penyambut tetamu for convocation. it did challenge my faith and patience >.<
but, i think i've passed all the's all over for this month=very challenging and deadly month i'd say ;P

so,here for cuci2 mata ;)

si pemalas bersama labu labunya

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Ye ollsss..I'm back! haha. krik krikk ~no one cares :P~
I'm hibernating from blogging for such a long time. bukannya apa,malas nak update Jahh!
Cuti sem hari tu punya la lame,for about 2 months plus plus..
Tapi dah busy menjahit pulak.hikhikhik
Dengan bangganya, saya belajar menjahit! 
I can sew baju kurung,kurung moden n blaus yang simple..hehe

Now, I'm back to my realll life. Balik ke UPM. Balik menghadap buku. Lupakan sekejap pasal menjahit jahit tuh. fokus pada study.  :)
Study tak boleh malas la kann.. Doa selalu pada Allah,mintak Dia berkati ilmu yang kita belajar tu..haa..jangan tahu nak mintak dekan je..Doa jugak supaya Dia permudahkan kita menimba ilmu, senang faham. Tips ni you alls. Ingat bebaik. And never ever lose hope upon Him. Because He never disappoint us. 

Dan yang paling penting Buang SIFAT MALAS. *heh.aku pun tak berjaya lagi menyembuhkan penyakit M ni =..=

Dah.mari lah kita tidur. Nunitess 

p/s: thanks to my dearest Fairuz for she had given all of her heart editing, repairing my, this is the result. thanks a lot <3 p="">

masa al khair earthlingss~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

So long since my last time here huh.. I'm too busy with assignments especially from dr. Rosli. hewww
Now, first lets talk about my opah. Early this month she was confirmed of diabetes. I was so shocked that I hurriedly went back to Ocik's house. Her right foot was really bad. I hugged her and said that I missed her so much. She smiled. She was so happy to see me.ihihihi..
She knew that she must be very careful in choosing food. She cannot eat everything now. I'm sad for her because she was so healthy back then. Even her body looks smaller than before. Surely she had lost weight so much. 
 God. I missed her. Right now she's at my house. I've been at house from last thursday. I missed my home so much.erghh. It is not a planned vacation actually. All of the works are going towards an end. Besides, only dr. Rosli's work is left. Then, next week is the lastttt week of lecture.yeay. And then.. comes the final exam. T.T

Secondly, I can feel that my result for this sem gonna be worsed than the last sem based on my assessments marks. so disappointed lah.haih.. But still. there is hope. the FINAL. 

Thirdly, I met my butterfliesss~ imah, yana, kausar, fairuz.aimi n maryam nanti lah yee XD
Feels good to see them. 

I'm going back to upm tomorrow.morning trainnn.erghh *wipe tears,waving handkerchief 

Tak tau dah nak taip ape. so, toodles ;)
have a blast weekends earthlings ^^

malas nak rotate -..-


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Spesies jakun naik ETS nih ciri ciri dia :
1. senyum sorang2 kat KL Sentral
2. terkejut beruk tengok pramugari ETS. hmm. Lawa lah jugak XD
3. Dapat Koc E. Dah dengar dah dari mak cik pakcik yang bertanya mane kah yang dinamakan Koc E itu. tapi saje gedik gedik pegi tanya kat kakak pramugari yang cantik tu : Cik, yang ni kat mane ea? *tunjuk tiket. 
4. Duduk ala ala permaisuri. kembang kempis hidung dapat duduk depan TV LED. movie yang dimainkan ketika itu ialah Johnny English. 
5. Tempat sebelah nyonya gelak2 tengok johnny tertembak diri sendiri dengan ubat ape tah.
6. Excited nih tren dah start laju. kalau takde orang dah lama dah kanak2 perempuan ribena nih terlompat kegirangan. jakun lah kate kan..

Akhirnya, sampai jugak ke destinasi akhir : Batu Gajah. Caya lah. perempuan ribena nih naik tren sorang soranggg.muahahhahahhaa. first time u ollssss
okeh. berlagak nak mati perempuan ini. 
Keluar keluar ala2 turun dari kapal terbang dengan beg roda di tarik kemas. gitewww. Mencari cari mama dan adik adik yang setia menanti. hahah. ayah takde. Pergi Nilai lah pulekk -,-
2jam 30 minit tepat jumlah jam perjalanan. Wahhh
Double triple suka sukiii ;3 Memang tak naik bas lah lepas ni.mihihihihi

Balek balek je.. Halemakkkk.. Lupa ambik gambo -..-
 Padahal kamera dalam handbag je. *datin giteww ber-handbag bagai.
Sempat makan makan kat kenduri aqiqah. hikhikhik

Now, I'm counting days to go back to my beloved UPM. blerghhh--muntah ijau kuning sikit.
Tak sukenye balek awallll :( tapi okelah dari kak pengarah tak bagi balek langsung macam sem yg sebelum sebelum ni. 


sebelum balik perak sempat singgah umah Mirza kejap kat Ken Rimba, Padang Jawa dengan Bella. Bapak lah diaaa.. besar gila! >.< maksud aku rumahnya yang beso.hehe
Pastu ade sepetak tanah comel je kat ruang tamu rumah. eco friendly lah katanya.. Malam sebelum balek perak keesekannya sempat lepak dengan cik abang sekejap.ngeh3..

chill!adios :)

p/s : singing still into you~paramore.yeah. our new song 

retissss u ollsss

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

Retis means artist. ini lah bahasa bebudak sekarang ye tuan tuan dan puan puan. ;3
Kesahnye bermula malam semalam. post sebelum ni I mentioned about Fiesta idol kan.. So, this is it. Semangat tau turun dewan putra 2 nak tengok paan.haha. Tak lupa jugak cik kamera samsung tuh. benda wajib bawak sekarang.haha. nasib baik ade cik samsung nih. tak lah canggih manggih cam dslr tuhhh. 

Giliran paan no 4. aku, balqis ngan khaleeda turun sesame. Tak lama pastu Husna pororo pun turun. Ingatkan lepas round 1 giliran paan nak pegi jenjalan kat booth2 kat kafe pastu naik. Malangnye suara Paan menahan aku untuk tunggu sampai abis. gitewww. bhahahahaa~ 

Semuanya 11 orang yang berjaya masuk final. Aku tak tau lah pulak ade sorang wakil kolej sendiri, K12 berjaya masuk final. Datang sokong si Paan kolej canselor. hihihii. tah pape je.
Last last Paan tak menang pun.. Haih. takpe lah.takde rezeki. budak KMR no1. no 2-K6 and no 3- KMR. Gile lah KMR menang dua2 --''

now time to enjoy the pics ;)

banner by RB XD

mengada ngada pempuan mane tah ni.haha.

husna n acap 

weee~ mira (tilu) sempat bergambar.hihi ;3

why arr..whyy..

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Kenapakah rindu itu wujud. aduh.sakitnya tak tertahan..
dah macam nak berpuisi --''
Benci tak bila rindu kat orang tapi tak dapat jumpa? ahh.mencik. kalau rindu kat tuhan tak sakit sebab kita tahu tuhan itu Maha Mendengar dan Maha Pengasih. Ni. rindu kat manusia. memang lah sakit..
macam sorang budak pempuan tu la kan. tah sape nama dia. rindu rinduan pada sorang jejaka. dapat tengok sejam dua pun jadi lah. chatting,gelak2 pun jadi lah.paling lama pun seumur hidup pun jadilah. gittewww. last2 dia putus asa. dia malas nak fikir. kecik hati kejap. pastu oke la balek. sikit. ish.mengada betul la pempuan tu. rasa nak bagi penyepak se-das kan? Dah la dia nak balek perak pun tak menyempat lagi sabtu je koko.sabtu je koko. sabar lah ye pempuan. sem ni je pun.alaa.. alah bisa tegal biasa.
menyampah betul dengan pempuan ni asyik nak kecik ati je sepanjang minggu ni. hish. tengok binatang kat dewan putra 2 lagi bagus. layan je la Fonesta kolej 14 tuu. 

Cita pasal Fonesta. Paan Boo masuk final fiesta idol malam ni. hoyeahhh. kena nengok!!! har har har. 
RB si diva tuh dah siap buat banner lagi! hah. Kelasssssssss kau jah! Tak besnye Nisa takde pulekkk. dia jadik usher untuk dinner final year kolej. heh. Siap ade lagi dress dia. Kelassss nisa sekarang. jangan memain. muahh sikit kat nisa cantik malam ni kat hotel palace pf golden horses. awww..

Dah. penat aku kepala otak mereng. lepas koko badminton terus hapdet blog sebab rindu memuah sangat dah ni. 
geli aku dengan pempuan gedik ni.heh. -00-

say hey ;)

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Dah lama tak mengarut kat sini. Rasa macam bertahun. Maklumlah sibuk uruskan hal negara ;p
Dah tak tau nak cita paa.. Banyak sangat peristiwa berlaku berlangsung.
Oh. otak aku dah tepu dengan literature. Lepas satu satu short stories kena buat 1 page critical analysis. Critical sangat lah hidup sekarang ni.
Dengan lahad datu yang tak aman aman lagi tu. Doakan mereka.
Kita kat sini aman damai pegi kelas takde gangguan. SubhanAllah. untungnye hidup kite..

Result SPM, gud luck dear adik2. especially my adik. aku pulak yang excited nak dengo result dia ;D

happy happy happy birthhhh~ day :)

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

mohd Harir mat zaik. dah tua. :P

glad that I met you. glad that you found me.hihik
okey.gedik -,-

If I'm the one who He made from your left rib, may I'll be by your side not in this world only but in Jannah also. 
and If not, may you find the one who He made especially for you and may we be friend forever.hee ;)

week 2-done

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Dah tak tau nak mula camne. ==" 2weeks in upm for 2nd semester ni so far so good.
The difference is we got lecturer who is soooooooooooo 'kind'. why i said so? heh.
He likes to give us lot of ass-signment. -,- arghhhh. every week dia akan bagi assignment..
 tak sukeeee T,T 
Dah la literature pulak tuuu.. and there's no other class. So we have no choice but to stay in his class. He is okay actually but.. yeah. sometimes tu.hmm.. tah laa..
or is it me who dont like literature? heww

As for college,is still the same. The same roommate. Now there's three of us. The other one stays outside. I don't know why. maybe coz she wants to enlarge her business i guess. haha :P
Biaq pi dia lah. asalkan dia pegi kelas ye dak?
And it is still 19 credit hours per week this sem. new subjects, few new lecturers. 
Oh yaa.. forgot to mention. I'm taking Arabic as my third language.heeee
Learning and be able to speak other language has been my dream. So, now I got the chance and thanks to Him. Arabic is not even in my plan actually. I want to learn mandarin. But then I thought that why not arabic? i already know the alphabet although I dont have any basic. furthermore, it is the language of alquran. :)

First day class arab kan.. memang best gua bagi tau luu.. Belajar balek alip,ba,ta,tsa,jim...
hihihihihi. others are learning the characters and bla bla such as korean,japanese, spanish language..  I belajar alif ba ta u olls XD
Suara ustaz tu agak 'romantik' la.haha. kalau bukan sebab minat memang aku tido kot kelas dia.hihi
and and for history of english class kan, my academic advisor ajar. Besttttt.. But when she starts holding the name list, everyone becomes nervous. For me, she is a good lecturer because she likes to revise topic that we had learn before. Next time if I have time, I'd like to show a bit how english language develop. it's really interesting. ^-^

Tomorrow is koku dayyy..olla badminton. I skip last week. huuu. So, this week I must go. and Amoi said that the instructor is okayy. it makes me a bit relieved. 
and I join the theater also. as backstage person je. itu je yang mampu. huhu

that's all for now. ^^


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Anak mama ni mengidam macam orang berbadan dua. Tapi takut nak makan.takut makin naik berat badan yang dah sedia berat ni. Terima kasih wahai badan kerana kau semakin 'sehat'.
arghhh. saket kepala hotak pikir pasal berat badan. Mase ringan nak jadikan berat. Ni dah berat, tak puas hati. Manusia memang macam ni. Tak bersyukur. Tamak. -,-

Oh. Cakap pasal mengidam. Aku ngidam beno lah nak makan spaghetti *air liur meleleh
Lagi ngidam nak makan nasi arab kat restoran saba kat cyberjaya nuh. Sedapnye subhanallahh..
Baru 2 kali makan kat situ. Pak cik mat belanjaa..hihihi. Ayam, daging lembut bak sutera. Betul, tak tipu. *besar mata,angkat tangan kanan angguk kepala

Tapi setakat ni kalau lapar malam2, perut ni disajikan dengan oat. nak diet punye pasal kan..
Nak exerciseee..tak seronok sebab takde kawann *alasan.heh.
Sport shoe dalam setor kolej. Pinjam kasut adik2 memang tak la. Dorang kaki dah macam big foot ;P
Mama pulak tah ke mana sport shoe dia. so, last choice main badminton. heww. tu pun lawan dengan ahnaf. baru main 10min dah dia kate penat. Haih. aku yang dah tua ni pun tak penat awal camtu. hehe

p/s : two weeks left before going back to jail.cuti da nak abis daaa -,-

Salam february :D

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Macam takde perasaan bangun2 pagi. Lepas tengok dorang dok tweet lah pasal salam februari baru ku sedar.huhu. =="
Tengok kalendar.hurmm. lagi 2 minggu je cutiiiii!!!!!!! arghhh.. tak puasnye Ya Allahh..
Lagi 2 minggu dah kena balek kolej. tak suke :(((((((((((((((((((((((((

I dah pandai tau naik ktm.bas jangan cakap la.pakar.haha *gelak2 sambil kepala jatuh ke belakang.
Pasni nak try naik ets pulak.ngeh3. lagi senang la :D 
Dorang kate 2 jam je naik ets dari Keyel ke Ipohh.hoho * lompat2 yeay.

Tapi rumah ocik pun ofkoz nak balek jugakkkk.. shah alam lagi dekat. memang tiap2 minggu la boleh balek. meh meh.
Dulu kat uitm melaka langsung takde rase nak balek. Tapi kat upm ni asyik rase nak balek jeee 
:((((( nampak sangat memang aku tak selesa duduk upm. -,- memang pon.
 Eh2. tujuannye aku pepagi buta dah rajin nak menaip ni nak ceghite pasal aku hangout dengan dorangg : fairuz,yana,imah,oca. aimi dengan maryam tak dapat datang :((

Cadangnya nak pegi ipoh ahad lepas tapi tak jadi pulak. Lagi pun bile dipikir balek betul la ayah oca cakap minggu lepas kan taipusam so mesti lah ramai orang kat ipoh, petang ahad tu kitorang lepak la kat tasik utp je.. itu je yang mampu jahh.haha
tapi best jugak :D nyaman anginnye saujana mata memandang subhanallah ^-^

Tak snap lah pulek tasik utp tu. Orang tak kameraa..haha.
Tapi nasib baik yana bawak :D bergambar lew kami.hee
Pastu aku dengan fairuz ngidam coolblog so, kitorang gerak pegi tesco dalam pukul 6.30 ptg camtu.
Eh. Lupe nak bagi tau. For the first time mama ngan ayah bagi I drive sendiri you allsss.. XD
suke suke suke ! ;D
Alhamdulillah semuanye selamat. Ramai pulak co-driver kan..hehe

Apa pun aku harap persahabatan kami sampai ke akhirat. aminnnnn..

ini antara yang sempat di-snap gune fon tak canggih aku.huhu
ini imah. tak nampak pulak muke dia.

dari kiri : aku, fairuz, oca, yana ;)
imah jadi photographer XD

miss much.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Every single day. I keep on thinking of you. What are you doing at this time? Have you eaten?
Do you sleep well? How about your health, your blood pressure?
I miss you opah. I love you so much that I pray everyday .may Allah will always protect you.

You've by day. I hate seeing you unable to walk like you used to 5 years ago. I hate seeing you weak. It makes me sad :(

Akak nak tengok opah. Nak pastikan jugak dengan mata ni sendiri yang opah baik baik je. 
and I believe that He always protect you <3 p="">

p/s: nanti nak ajak jugak dorang bawak akak tengok opah. dah la tak bagi akak drive sendiri pegi sane -_- waaaaa.rindu :(

salam maulidur rasul :)

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Sedar diri ini bukan lah seorang umatmu yang baik. Tak tercapainya mulia mu Ya Rasulullah. Namun izinkan lah diri ini mendapatkan syafaat mu. izin kanlah diri ini bertemu mu di syurga. izinkanlah diri ini sentiasa menyayangi,merinduimu, mengingatimu.


 selawat tu setiap hari bang. bukan time ni baru lah ingat nak berselawat. -pesanan untuk diri sendiri jugak ye cik mirrah-hew3

si comel

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Ini dia si oren nya ;3

Selalu geram tengok si memey XD

just wanna shout~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

I'm HOME!!!! since 3 days ago. ngeh3. Feel good yeah. But when I entered my bedroom..err.
Okeh. A lil' bit weird. I don't know why.. Katil nye nampak macam pengantin sangat pun ade ==" haha. 
Thanks to pak cik mat and ocik sudi hantar. Aku cadang nak naik bas je. Lagi pun cuti pun 1 bulan je. so, malas nak bawak barang banyak2. I owe them both A LOT. Muahhhxx :* 

Takde ape pun yang berubah. Cumanye 'awek' zaim(si bongsu) ade lagi. haha
Makin sehat. and dah ade name : memey. Ayah panggil dia 'mehmeh'
haha. Never thought that my mom would let him raise that 'female'. 
Best jugak ade si memey ni. Tapi bile bukak je pintu dia berlari masuk pastu selamba duduk atas sofa macam puteri raja ==" 
But she's sooooo adorable that I can't hold myself to squeeze2, hug2 her.hikhik.
Comellll :3 No wonder lah Zaim sayang.haha. Dhil jangan cakap lah. dia pun macam aku suke dukung kucing. 

I'll upload her picture later XD

p/s: currently addicted with cn blue's 4th mini album. i was so shocked when I heard that they've released their 4th mini album alreadyyyyy :O

theirnewimageissocool XD


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

you. are not a lover. never be one. nor a friend. you. are just a wish that won't ever come true.

say tata to semester 1

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

2 sept 2012- beginning of a new chapter as a degree student. Never expected that I'd go this far. At first, rengekan dan rungutan menemani. Call mama merengek rengek mengadu tak reti linguistics,tak suke lah,bla,bla,bla. Then, Small room with four people inside. Bilik pulak tinggi nak mampuihhh. Tingkat 5 you allss.kau mampu?haha. But then time goes by. until the end of november I finally get used with this new environment. I started accepting, learning and loving this new environment. things that weren't comfortable at the beginning becoming better. Making lots of friends  :D

Having Khairunisa Sabu by my side makes me feel better. though I miss my cute(muntah ijau) mirza.haha. Plus, adenye Amoi yang otak gile tahap gaban ke lagi gila dari gaban.haha. Semua rasa terkejut, ke tidak terbukaan hati menerima ketetapan Allah untuk aku berada kat upm ni hilang hari demi hari. It is painful at first when we can't no longer be all together in one place. but finally I manage to cure those feelings. Agaknye lah.huhu. Lagipun, still boleh jumpe kannn. yang penting hati sentiasa dekat :)

And I also got girls who always made my day. 
roommates :)

tasza,shida, azira.

and here's another 'dara pingitans' who always make my days also.hahahhaa XD

left: me ;3 , sharifah, bella, maya
I don't remember how and when we started to become close with each other. haha. 
Tau2 je kat kelas mesti aku duduk sebelah korang :3

Lagiii.... Humm. yahhh~ the best lecturer award goes to Tengku Mazuwana :D
She's teaching us grammar this sem. She's kind of course.hehe. 
ohh.sorry.I didn't have her picture lerhh --"
So now it's the end of semester. yayyy XD congratulation to me. hikhik. lets see how's the final result.gulpp -,-  
-10 JAN 2013 last paper-

See how I've been developed into a young adult(erk?) yet still has those gediks+manje+ngade2 behaviour. If Allah still give me chance to breathe longer, I'll be officially 20 by 17th august this year. I hope that I'm still in a good shape, lived in this world with bless from Him. aminnn..

Soo.. hibernating weeks here I come ;D  
p/s: have to go back to upm on 17th feb :(((( 

terribly sad

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Exam mood turn off for a while. Jyeahh.
This morning I sat for grammar and linguistics payyyyyperrr.. my grammar sucks as usual. haha
but thank god the questions are not that difficult like when I was in Foundation. but still grammar kann. well you knowww.. confusing.hew hew

I'm still okay with grammar. but for linguistics. arghhh.. it really kills me. T.T
There's this one question about a principle in pragmatics. There's a few principle in this chapter so I was really really confused. Then suddenly I remembered this one principle. So dengan yakinnya aku pun tulis laaa.. After I got out from the exam hall i heard my friends talking about that principle question. Suddenly...I felt like something which is hard, sharp fell on my head. My answers were totally wrong. Ya Allahhhhhh.. I feel like crying. I wanna blow my head with a gun.
Nasib baik aku waras lagi -.-

I know I've lost so many marks. In my head : redha je la mirrah...

Nak mengadu nih kat harir. Call tak jawab. Then, malas pikir. Makan,tido.
Petang call umah nak mengadu kat mama or ayah ke. Dua-dua pulak takdeeee..
Adik2 aku memang tak membantu sangat lah.haha
Mirza pulak macam tengah mood sedih :( tanak kaco diaa~

Then, I cried alone.I cried and cried and crieddd.. Suddenly a voice whisper in my head.says,
'don't you realize who's the one that has been always by your side 24 hours a day,every minute,every second?'
Allah. Then. i cry again. 
He tests me. He wants me to realize that no other in this world that will always be there for me except Him. 
mengadulah pada Dia. Cerita lah pada Dia.

p/s: lega jugak dah habis exam for killer subjects ^.^
but there's another two exams.sigh.

October Rant

Assalamualaikum and good day How are you guys holding on so far? Whatever circumstances you are in right now, I hope that you guys will...