study leave

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

I'm at my ocik's house now. Feels like home.weee
still I miss my home,my noisy brothers -,-
At first i want to go back to Perak but then mama said "just stay in upm,study"

I refuse on staying upm for one whole week so i asked pak cikmat and ocik to pick me up.hee
And now here I am in shah alam since last friday nite.
Feeling so comfortable and happy.ngee
but i decided to stay here until christmas because there's a lot to do since the final is next week,monday -,-
I also know that I will totally forgot about books and study thingy in my aunts house.harhar

A human being isn't an orchid, he must draw something from the soil he grows in


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