typical of m.d

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Life is like this,like that. Sometimes you feel like killing yourself or hoping that you lost all of your memories. We can't even predict our future.
I am still standing on a junction. I'm afraid that I've made a wrong choice AGAIN. Yeah. choice and life again. waaaaa.. benci..
I regret of being a very stubborn daughter. heww. Kan mama dah cakap,mama dah pesan..Usually, I'll do things that she forbids. Then, kena kat diri sendiri balik..
Mama knows best. Daddy always support laa..

I don't know them. but I do know that there's a time I hate being myself. 
I feel like damnnnn.. Why u always have no idea of what you're doing. 
Like usual. Time heals the wound. But scars.. I have to admit that it can't be healed. Coz I got one.

p/s : sedap pulak suara cher lloyd ni ;)

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