Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

I have to be more careful with my mouth, my attitude, my thought and everything.
Buttt.. it's really really hard to be careful with my mouth.
I just spit out everything that I want. I don't know how to arrange it make it more polite.

And also attitude. haih. It makes me so stresssssss~
Susahnya nak jadi baik T.T

When I refresh back, all the things that happened comes from me. Most of them are all my mistakes. But I keep on repeating all those things all over and over again. Why am I soooo stubborn hahh..?
then, I cry. hew hew hew

and I know I've apologized trillion times, i keep on repeating the same mistakes againn..
sorry for my imperfectionn. Trust me I'll repeat it again. Intentionally ! i'm not doing it juz for fun. I tend to forget my mistakes in the past. That's why I repeat it again accidentally. Ahhh.
I just 'love' myself too much.

So, if my friends run away from me, avoiding me, there's no one to be blame other than myself.
yeah.they might have done wrong also but.. know. It's easy to forgive people when you think of your mistakes.

and also if our relationship end up just like that. not as we planned.
I know it's my mistakes.

p/s: argghhhhh. i hate u upm.dah lah cuti midsem lambat.sabtu nih pon termasuk dlm tarikh yg ade koko.i really really hate this.nak skip x sampai hati pulakk :(((((
untunglah sape yg cancel koko nyeee~

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