miss me?

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Olla dear. Miss me? I've been missing for a while. In hiatus mode lah gituww. :P
The thing is, I got very very busy day by day. and you know whatt..
sometimes I really really hate this situation because it gives me so much pressure.
It makes me sooooo stressed! There's so many thing to do and I also have to think a lot. T.T

Luckily, I am born as a muslim. Yeah. I'm proud to be a Muslim. Why did I say so..
It's because when we felt like we need someone to talk to, someone to share our feelings
He is ALWAYS there for us. Although we can't see Him, He is always there.
Take your wudhuk, read His kalam(Quran). Tell Him everything that bothers you.
Guarantee punye lah tenang hati tu sikit.
But sometimes I forgot. huhuww. heyy. I'm a human too.
Always forgot this and that. Memang lah kau dasar pelupa cik Mirrah.hukhuk
Takpe. Takpe. Still have time to catch up everything.

Now, everyone is sooo noisy about Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn part II
arghhhhhh!!! I wanna watch this moviee T.T
I dont want to hear any spoiler. I'm gonna watch it myself.
But, as far as I know whoever that have watched this movie feel very satisfied.
Warghhhh. Jealous.

I want to see Jacob Black (taylor lautner badlyyyyyyyy >.<)

hencem kannnnnnn ;3 hikhikhik

So, test pun dah habis. Just wait for final exam.
 talking bout test. I'm quiet surprised with my marks. haha XD
Aku ni takde lah tak cerdik sangat rupanye.hew hew hew
I tell you, I really really hate linguistics. Rasa nak give up je. Padahal baru intro belum lagi pegi in deep. Dah buat aku rasa nak give up. but, surprisingly my marks for both 1st and 2nd test isn't bad at all! so, cheer up dear princess.hikhik.
Grammar pun not bad~ 

Same goes for kenegaraan marks. Tapi test 2 i dont know lah sebab aku study last minute. hehe
And also Bahasa Melayu Tinggi(yes.I have to learn bahasa also.only for sem 1 ) mark is 50-50.not that worse or good. but still, boleh dibanggakan.lol.
Seriously, BM Tinggi lagi susah dari linguistics and grammar =="
i dont know whyyyyyyyyyy
Or maybe because it is just me doesn't like bm since school.hewhew
But BMT is not like BM that we learn at school. It is more to Linguistik Bahasa Melayu. 
Senang sepatutnya sebab banyak gila kata pinjaman english yang telah di-bm kan.
So far.. Okayy.. But I still apply for UiTM second intake.harharhar. :P
Sebabnya aku tak yakin aku boleh terus dengan subjek linguistics. But who knows. My future.
Iskharah banyak banyak. InsyaAllahhhh. 

p/s: Please give me strength Ya Allah. Only you know which one is the best for me. aminn.. :)

tak sukee T.T

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Dah sampai pun UPM semalam. Pulang ke kolej 12 kolej tercinta dengan hati dan langkah kaki yang berat. aku menapak naik ke tingkat 'kayangan' di mana bilik aku terletak.
Penat ooooooo... Tinggi nak mampuih >.<

Tak sukenye balek kolej dahhh.
Nak cuti lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :(
tunggu cuti study week pulak.ngeh3.
Then,hello Seri Iskandar ;)


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

Have you ever felt of running far far away from this planet?
No? yes?

I did. 
erghhhh. I hate myself. -,-
 I hate myself for being so weak and I cry easily.
I'll only ask for your help, The Almighty :')

I dont want to cry anymoreeeeeee
I hate it :(((((
soo much.

p/s:unless if the cry is for the one and only.Allah.


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Mewahnya rakyat Malaysia. Nak makan, order. Nak baskin robbin, depan mata.
Seronok pegi tengok movie cite james bond: skyfall. Kat Gaza sane tengah merana terseksa,derita.
Sedar tak yang kau bertuah? Bertuah berada kat bumi Malaysia. Bertuah jadi umat islam Malaysia.
Bertuah segala galanya.

Kau tidur.perghhh. Tilam gebu empuk bersaiz king. paling kurang pun queen. Diorang?
Tilam pun belum tentu dapat merasa.
Haish. Bertuah sungguh kan rakyat Malaysia.. Lena kita dibuai aman damai. 
Lena mereka dibuai ketakutan.
Pray for them. Berdoa lah untuk saudara seagama kite di sana. 

p/s: peringatan untuk aku jugak. :)


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Aku nak jadi lebih baik.
Aku ingin menjadi seorang perindu yang baik.
Seorang perindu yang sentiasa merindui Penciptanya.
Seorang perindu yang sentiasa merindui Rasulnya.
Seorang perindu yang sentiasa merindui rahmatNya, syurgaNya. Bukan perindu hamba abdi dunia.

InsyaAllah. :)

typical of m.d

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Life is like this,like that. Sometimes you feel like killing yourself or hoping that you lost all of your memories. We can't even predict our future.
I am still standing on a junction. I'm afraid that I've made a wrong choice AGAIN. Yeah. choice and life again. waaaaa.. benci..
I regret of being a very stubborn daughter. heww. Kan mama dah cakap,mama dah pesan..Usually, I'll do things that she forbids. Then, kena kat diri sendiri balik..
Mama knows best. Daddy always support laa..

I don't know them. but I do know that there's a time I hate being myself. 
I feel like damnnnn.. Why u always have no idea of what you're doing. 
Like usual. Time heals the wound. But scars.. I have to admit that it can't be healed. Coz I got one.

p/s : sedap pulak suara cher lloyd ni ;)


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

I have to be more careful with my mouth, my attitude, my thought and everything.
Buttt.. it's really really hard to be careful with my mouth.
I just spit out everything that I want. I don't know how to arrange it make it more polite.

And also attitude. haih. It makes me so stresssssss~
Susahnya nak jadi baik T.T

When I refresh back, all the things that happened comes from me. Most of them are all my mistakes. But I keep on repeating all those things all over and over again. Why am I soooo stubborn hahh..?
then, I cry. hew hew hew

and I know I've apologized trillion times, i keep on repeating the same mistakes againn..
sorry for my imperfectionn. Trust me I'll repeat it again. Intentionally ! i'm not doing it juz for fun. I tend to forget my mistakes in the past. That's why I repeat it again accidentally. Ahhh.
I just 'love' myself too much.

So, if my friends run away from me, avoiding me, there's no one to be blame other than myself.
yeah.they might have done wrong also but.. well.you know. It's easy to forgive people when you think of your mistakes.

and also if our relationship end up just like that. not as we planned.
I know it's my mistakes.

p/s: argghhhhh. i hate u upm.dah lah cuti midsem lambat.sabtu nih pon termasuk dlm tarikh yg ade koko.i really really hate this.nak skip x sampai hati pulakk :(((((
untunglah sape yg cancel koko nyeee~

idea yang ngade2

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Rasa macam nak buat blog baru. Tapi..
Sayanglah pulakk..
Ni boleh jadi sejarah untuk anak cucu nanti.haha

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