Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

The closer the date my fingers also getting itchy to write and type something. hoho.
Sure there's a lot of things to do. But I still didn't get the mood to pack my things.. why??
Mirrahhh. You must be very prepared from A-Z. You didn't pack your things and the worst thing is you haven't prepared mentally.. Nanti sampai sane baru nak nangis nangis. hew hew
As far as I remember la kann..At melaka I didn't cry on the first day.huhu. Maybe because my roommate was sooo awesome ;>

What kind of person will be my roommate in this whole new place? I'm starting to feel veryy awkward. Will she understand me? Would they share their experiences, knowledge, and would they help me when I'm in trouble like nisa, mirza and all of my friends in melaka would?
I'm afraid that no one will ever like me >.< 
Afraid that they didn't understand my behaviour. Afraid that they can't accept me, can't accept my manje-ness.. Manja ni lah masalah aku.huhu. Nisa aku tau takde masalah sebab dia dah paham perangai aku mase kat melaka lagi..hehe. And 'm also afraid that I couldn't understand my new friends there.... 
I'm not mentally prepared yet -,-

I'm not so worried about my necessities and utilities because Ocik is about 30mins journey from me. hee. But still.. Tak boleh jugak bergantung dengan orang lain kan.. I'm big enough to take care of myself. Mama pun nak anaknye ni berdikari. She wants me to prepare all things by myself. She even didn't ask me whether I've started packing things etc. hew hew
Kau sendiri yang nak pegi belajar, uruskan la sendiriii... Oh.Except for bukak akaun cimb hari tu. Yang tu je mama tolong.. Yang lain, all by myself. And I'm very comfortable with it ^-^

My other target besides preparing these and that is to download as many movies as I can! bwahahahahaha. All of that movies gonna be tools to prevent boring ness berleluasa. Nak dating takleh kann. hehe. And curi gambar nisa,eija, harir banyak banyak ^-^ eh, tapi nisa boleh tengok depan mata tiap2 hari kalo rindu.haha. Tak kesah lah. :)

There's still few documents that needed to be copied, signed.. Haih. When will all this documents thingy finishhhh.. Nak kerja nanti pun kena prepare dokumen jugak..
Wish me luck friends >.<

p/s: I am sooo energetic today. Ha haa.. Early in the morning after mama n ayah gone to work I cycled around this taman. The air was so fresh and the wind blowing softly~ feels like a freshly bloomed flower. hik hik :P 
and good luck to SPM students on your trial especially my brother :)


ashira yusran said...

sori kak..akak dapat sambung kat upm??? boleh saya tau kat kolej mana??? saya kat kolej 13....

miradyana said...

akak dpt kolej 12.dekat je :)

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