Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Ya Allahh.. Penatnyeee... Penat layan kerenah orang lagi. Dengar arahan lagi.
Nak wat canno.. Dah kerja pon jadi kuli je :)
Takpe lah. Pengalaman. 
Aku jugak yang tergedik gedik cakap kat mama nak kerja bagai..
Now you know mirrah. How hard life is n also difficulties in earning money.

Bila kerja merungut rungut. Dah dapat duit uihh..riangnye hati :D

I wish to be a better person after this. Eh.Not a wish.
More to a vow :)
No more complaining on this and that. Always be grateful with what I already have.
No more cerewet cerewet. heee XD 
p/s : ape pun. today is the most tiring day. and believe me, tomorrow I'll said just the same as today :the most tiring day. so, everyday is the most tiring day for me.heh.

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