happy birthday to you!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

This is the befday girl! :D Fairuz Aqilah Binti Badrul Hisham * btul tak aku eja? huhu
One of my besties. She's so in love with purple. After I've known her for quite some time, I thought that purple really suits her.
And what I like the most is her handwritinggg!!
So neat and clean! seriously. And ingat lagi mase sekolah dulu ramai cikgu yang tegur handwriting kawan aku yang sorang nih.. Memang terrrrbaik laaaaa.. And. And. She is also creative u all..
Dy pandai betul bab doodle doodle ni. Comel tau :D
Macam tuannye :)
p/s : kitorang kenal from primary school tau. There's a lot of things happened but in the end, we became good friends! Tengok lah betapa rapinye aturan Allah :')

Happy birthday dear. May your life's always full with love and blessing from Allah. 
Hope we will always become friends forever.InsyaAllahhh...
Ini lah geng kita : | Yana | Aimi | Imah | Kautsar | Maryam | You | and Me~~ :D

Friends, I'll never forget all the things we've been through. We've known each other since primary school and still our friendship lasts until this day. May our friendship lasts forever. and may all of us achieve our dreams. Aminn..

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FairuzAqilah said...

thanks syg! terharuuu.... :) ♥

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