Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

*cuci sawang sebentar*

Okey. done. Let's start :)
I didn't get medsi interview. yeahh.congrats to myself.
To those who manage to get the interview congratulations :)
I'm happy to read all of your posts about the interview.. 
Nak wat canno. Eden hanyo mampu bace experience orang je.. :)

No medsi. No TESL. Doesn't mean that it's the end of the world. Doesn't mean that I'm doom.
Doesn't mean that I'll give up. Giving up is not in my dictionary. cewah :P
Like I always said to myself, live your live the way you want mirrah but don't go overboard hingga merosakkan diri kau sendiri. 
Aku jarang gagal untuk dapatkan ape yang aku impikan. Bukan riak tapi kenyataan. Betapa melimpah limpahnye nikmat yang tuhan bagi kat aku.
I still remember when I was a school students, I always wanna be the best. I always wanna be among top students. And each time I dream of it, I never failed to reach it. Although,maybe not as good as others but still. I'm one of them.
But this time, I FAILED. Failed to be among them who got medsi interview.
There must be something somewhere that I did wrong. 
Kita takkan selalunya berada di atas. Baru sekarang aku betul2 faham dengan jelas macam mana perasaan gagal.
Akhirnya aku redha. Redha seredha redha nye even it cuts me through the core of my heart.
I believe that Allah has already planned it well. No doubt. He knows everything.
Mungkin Dia tahu yang aku tak boleh nak bawak TESL's subjects. Tu lah sebabnye Dia tak izinkan aku dapat interview tu..

But still.. I love English. I'll love it forever :)
and after this maybe I'm gonna pursue with bachelor in finance as my mom suggested.
This time, I really wanna be a very good daughter coz I'm stubborn. Rase bersalah jugak bile mama selalu mengeluh 'haih.nak wat camne.dah anaknye degill sgt'. huuu~ 
sorry maaa >.<

Gonna relax and pray for the best :)

p/s : kerja punye pasal aku lupe blog.lupe 30 days challenge tuh..hee


FairuzAqilah said...

sedih aku baca.. :'(
takpe lah mirrah, buka rezeki kau agaknya tuh. don't worry, kejayaan tu ada insyaAllah.. :)

miradyana said...

insyaAllahh..doakan aku ea :')

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