I want to watch it badlyyy -________________-

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

I've watched the making of The Avengers on ntv7 around 2.30 pm.
It makes me wanna watch that movie badlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy -________________-
I really like that punching,smashing, fighting, superpower actions. 
I want to watch it..wuu~~
Many of my friends have watched it their responses was this movie is really great.
and worth to be watched. really is not a disappointing movie at all..

Haih. Being here, there's no hope that I could watch the movie.. humm.
If only I'm in Shah Alam and my aunt and uncle will definitely grant my wishh. huhu
haih. nevermind lah.. you can just download it 'illegally' =.=


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