day 23

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

That you guys don't know.

- Satu satunye anak perempuan mama n ayah. adik2 lain lelaki. aku takde geng. T_T
- I love chocolates :D
- I love english though my grammar is rubbish.huhu. but,I hate writing =.=
- I have a 'cacat' teddy bear that had lost it's nose. It was given by my aunt. I don't know where did the nose gone.
- I can cook. yeay. hee. Dah bole kawin :P
- I love money
- I'm childish :)

- Cepat nangis. hehe
- love ice creammm! yummy! me an ice-cream's been ages since the last day I ate it >.<
- Manja sudah semestinye XD
- I'm very slow when it comes to understand people's like/dislike.. huhu
- I love flowers
- I'm short but cute  
- happy go lucky person but at one time my mood is unpredictable 
- I love to travel.jalan2 kt shopping mall ke..hihi.and, Wish I could go abroad one day :)

that's all :)

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