once upon a time in the eveninggg..

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Ewahh.. Title macam nak berstory telling.hehe. Actually, I don't have any specific title about this post.huuu
So just type what's crossed my mind. bantai jer ! XD
Oke. Let's talk about Liam Payne (one direction)
Sape tak kenal tak payah kenal nanti korang terpikat. ;P
Jeles lah konon aku nihh.heh.
I'm a kpop-ers but... haa.. I still like english and malay songs tau. Cewahh. Nasyid jarang..huhu
Ayat al-Quran insyaAllah hari-hari :)  *ade ciri2 nak jadi isteri solehah tak.hee

Oh yaa. Today is perak's public holiday regarding to  our sultan's birthday. (May Allah bless you Sultan Azlan Syah )
Soo.. My family and I just relaxing at home. I'm glad 'cuz today I'm alone in da house from morning until evening.yeayy XD
and.. and .. my mom wanna go to Belum Rainforest for holiday on the end of month. InsyaAllahh..
First I thought Belum is in Pahang. And ingat pahang lah lagi. Actually it's in Perak je. wakakaa.
Nampak sangat aku tak tau tempat sendiri =="
I'm looking forward for it :)

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