i would like to call it a day

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

 Olla :)
I just came home from uitm perak. My mom force me to attend a programme for degree students which is a motivational programme. Why did I say my mom force me? Because I really really don't wanna go and I gave so many excuses which my mom opposed with a lot of reasons that are so very true. and in the end, I said "Okey.." because I feel so bad when I gave those excuses and go against my mom's request.
 The reason that I refuse to go is because I want to stay at home and finish my work on tidying my room since my room is like a housing area that was hit by a thunderstorm during my absence.. It cannot be done in just one day cause I have to mop the floor, clean the window also and the most challenging is my study table. =,=

Weird huh? sebabnye, all my things from the old cupboard were thrown on that table when my mom decided nak belikan almari baru untuk bilik aku.. I became a bit shocked actually when I entered my room because I thought that everything is still in good conditions and I just need to clean the new cupboard and mop the floor.. But... sangkaan aku meleset same skali. haih.. Takpe lah.. Nak buat macam mane..

By the way, the programme is not bad... I sit with my mom's friend and her daughter. I feel a bit awkward because we are sitting among lecturers. I thought that I will be all alone sitting with kakak abang degree and that is the other reason why I refuse to attend the programme. Kalau lah aku duduk dengan diorang, sumpah memang aku nangis.. huuu~ Bagus jugak program nih sebenarnye cause it gives us awareness and remind us to our responsibility as a muslim..

So, I guess I'm a lil' bit motivated lah kot after dengar talk tu sume.. haha ;P Like my mom said, it's a good thing and knowledgeable programme. and that's why she insists me on attending it.

And now, I'm tired.huuu~

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