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Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Olla u ollsss. cayang my cutie blog nih. *nada gedik mengada ngada. Okey. Juz ignore it.
Umm.. Where should I start...
ahaa. yup di duu..
Last thursday I went to my old school SMK Seri Iskandar. proud to be iskandarian ;D
I wanted to claim my SPM and LCCI certificate and alang alang hari tu jugak hari anugerah so, I sat and join the ceremony. and fortunately, my beloved brother(cewah) who's in form 5 now received the award for final exam last year's result. 
Dalam keseluruhan ranking, dia no 3.. hoho. (nak kembang hidung bangge jap). Tapi dia kalah ngan girls. Jyeah. You still can't defeat the girls..hihi.

It such a happy day for me to meet juniors and teachers. Even though, tak ramai sangat budak budak bawah aku dulu yang aku kenal.huhu.
I feel like a completely stranger when I enter the school and it is truly an awkward moment =_=
Sangat sangat sangat awkwarddddd tak terkate.. Malu pun ye.huuu~
Maybe cause I'm alone. yeah. that must be the reason.
And yesterday my bro's had their holiday. Means, they're having 3 days of wonderful school break.
eheh. wonderful lah sangat.. huhu. At least I'm not bored at home cause I have somebody to talk to and to teach. :)
Yup. I've become their teacher.hoho. actually, aku yang semangat. adik2 aku mase tengah study tuh dok tengok tv. yang lagi sorang makan lah pulak.. haih. macam2. Both are already in form5 and 4 but their behaviour are still like 10 y/o kids. only sometimes they can think like mature people. same lah macam kakak dorang =,=

My house gonna be a lil' bit empty as my dad is going to JB. Ade kursus.. haih. But my mom planned to take us to cameron highlands. omaiii.. hard to believe.. Well.. just wait and see if we're going to cameron HOMEland.huhu. Bukan pe.. Afraid that she's too tired with 5days of work and she doesn't wanna drive too far..

Seriously, I'm bored... oh yee.. Kalau takde pape halangan, insyaAllah sabtu depan aku akan pergi ke ceramah ujian memandu.huuu. That uncle told me that the talk is about 5 hours.. pfftt..
Nasib aku lah.. Dah tua baru nak amek lesen. All my friends already got one. 
Eh. Membebel banyak pulak aku ..
oke lah. till I write something again. don't worry be happy ;)
and be confident like this kitty XD

p/s : dear someone. I really miss you.When I'm sad, pissed off, or unhappy with something you're always lighten my day by sending those funny messages which made me laugh. even though you don't even know how bad my mood is. It was like magic when you sent those messages during my hard time as if you know how I felt at that time.  How I miss those days  :')

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