Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 7 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

of course.... a CAT ;D
Dah lame ngidam nak bela binatang nih.. But my mum never allowed me to pet a cat or any animal that has fur.. wuuu~ S
She said that : fish can la..
me : It's not fun.coz I can't play with it..

omg.. I love it's fur ! If I got one someday.. I'll name it fluffy.hihi ;D
come here little kitty XD

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Omaiii... I just realize that our result is tomorrow =,=
For diploma and asasi students of uitm : GOOD LUCK
my feeling right now : cuak,takut,resah,gelisah,hepi memang tak le kecuali result memuaskan. wuuu~
Ya Allah. berikanlah yang terbaik untuk kami.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 6 – A song to match your mood

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

one direction-one thing :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 5 – What makes you different from everyone else?

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

humm.humm.. susah soalan nii..huhu
what makes me different from everyone esle huh?
Mata, idung, mulut ade.. Same as other normal human being..
ahaa. :)
I'm the eldest yet my behaviour is just like the youngest. That what makes me different ;D
Manja aku jangan cakap lahhh..hoho
I'm a bit sensitive but still insyaAllah I can accept others opinion.
Teguran pun boleh tapi ambik masa jugak untuk terima. sebab aku ni degil ;> 
Oh yaa.. Aku sangat lah clumsy.haha
- I just love being ME ;) -

that's all ^-^

Monday, April 23, 2012

day 2,3,4

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Orait. let's continue with 30things 30days challenge.
So, this is the 3 questions that I didn't  manage to post due to some technical problem in this few days..

Day 2 — Your favorite movies

This is the list.hehe:

1. twilighttt~ hihi. Iike this movie because it is ridiculous. Yeah. ridiculous. That's what 'he' said and others like my ocik and pak cik mat. But I like this ridiculous love thingy.. Like the vampire and werewolf. haha.

2. Harry Potter~ I have all seven series of the book.haha. but in BM because at that time I'm very afraid of reading english book except for The Star. haha. I don't know why..

3. Mission impossible 3 & 4 ~ OMG... This movie is super duper cool! and I've to admit that Tom Cruise made it super duper triple cool ;P 

4. Johnny English~ ahaa.. yang ni memang buat perut aku hampir hampir nak meletop sebab ketawa melampau. haha 

Hmm.. I guess that's all.. kalau ade lagi aku update.huhu

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

Frankly saying, the date is perfect when you just be yourself and also make sure that the place is harmony  and bring peace to our mind and soul. such as tepi tasik. ;P

Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

on your right hand side is my beloved roommate in uitm ^^ 
rindu lah nak dengar ko main gitar mirzaaa :')

from left : mirza, me, nisa 

They're always be by my side whenever I cry and laugh. Thank you friends :')

first time

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

at lastttt... dapat jugak online T.T
Tak tahu lah ape masalahnye dengan line internet kat umah aku nih..
Kejap ade, kejap takde. cookie lah u internet =,=
If you're cookies at least we can eat you whenever we mad at you XD

Eh,eh. dah jauh menyimpang ni.. 
Ni sebenonye teman nak ceghite le pase first time teman bawak keghete hari sabtu lepaih *haa.kan dah keluo peraknye..huhu 
Aku ingatkan sabtu ari tu just have to sit and listen to the 3hours talk only.
Rupenye lepas tu ade amali. wuu~
Aku punye lah terkezut di samping excited nak try drive keta.hihi
Mule2 pak cik tuh drive lah sikit and he showed how to use the clutch and brake especially..
Adehh.banyak kali kot mati enjin.. Mase gear 1 tuh aku asyik terlepas pedal klac.haha
nasib baik lah pak cik tuh sabo je dengan aku..huhu
Mane taknye, sebelum ni memang tak pernah bawak pun keta. start enjin takde masalahhh..
Ni nak bawakk!! aiyoo.. Menggeletat jugak kaki aku mase tuh. haha
And mase sejam amali tu kannn..bagi aku tak cukup.
Nak drive lagiii >.<
Balik umah tu aku ape lagi pom pam pom pam lah bercerita kat mama ngan ayah pasal pengalaman tu.huhu
Kak Nora yang belaja drive sekali  ngan aku pun rase tak cukup amali sejam tu..
Balik umah memang kena try lah bawak keta katenye..
Keseluruhannye,bes ;D

Pak cik Mizi kate lagi 2 minggu baru bleh start belaja sebab nak tunggu lesen L kuar..
Nevermind lah.. Asalkan aku pandai drive nanti ^^
Tak sabo sabo nampak gayenye..huhu

my favourite car. taktau lah ferrari yang jenis mane.yang penting asalkan ferrari.. hoho.
and it's RED ;D

p/s: have to continue with my 30days challenge ;)

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 1 — Your favorite songs

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

So this is the first day of 30 days challenge.

Currently I've been listening to bigbang - blue
What can I say about this song is the melody is nice. I really love it. 
After googling the meaning of the lyric I found that it really is a sad song. 
Secondly is katy perry-part of me. 
Next is taylor swift-safe and's melody is slow but I like it maybe because I'm one of swift's fans.huhu. 

okeh. That's all for today. 
There are so many songs that I like. It will take forever to list all of them

MEdSI test!

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

MEdSI stands for Malaysia Educators Scholastic Inventory. Err.. did I get it wrong somewhere..?
takpe. mr google kan ade ;>
For anyone who apply any programme under the faculty of education will sit for this test..
So, yang tak amek under edu tuh jangan lah keliru pulak nape tak dapat.huhu ;P

So, the test is on next week,saturday.28th April.
I don't know what to feel. =,=
Some says the test is need to read. only 300 multiple choice questions.the purpose of this test is to identify whether we have the attitude of a teacher or educator.
haih.I don't know lah. 
I read one of my friends comment in FB she says 'juz try answer the questions in the medsi book then check the answer.cause sometimes we didn't notice that we're lack of moral'.
munasabah jugak.haha ;P

and this is my slip. semangat nak tunjuk =="

If I pass this test then InsyaAllah I'll be called for the interview. If I failed,then.. babai BA(Hons) TESL..
So.. good luck mirrah. good luck my friends ;)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

ikan kembung goreng

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Sedap! tu je yang boleh aku katekan. Tapi carta no 1 tetap ikan keli goreng, masak cili, masak taucu.
Ughhh.. dah lame tak makan ikan keli ! ngidam tetiba =,= 
Lagi lagi.. Ikan kembung goreng nih ratah je pun sedappp plus cecah ngan sambal mama. perghhh~ 
Walaupun aku sebenarnye tak tahan makan pedas tapi kalau sambal mama.. bantai je ! XD
nampak sangat aku menternak lemak je sepanjang cuti nih. Nak kurangkan lemak konon.heh.

hiasan semata mata XD

Lagi satu masak kicap pun sedap. Terutama kalau aku yang masak. hoho *perasan jap
Setakat ade rasa je tu boleh laa.. Tapi kalau nak suruh aku masak untuk kenduri memang tak lerr kan =,=

Dah. Nak rangka jawapan untuk 30 things in 30days challenge XD

p/s: currently da best malay drama in my list : cinta buat imelda. reason: fiza omar as the main actor.muahahaa

30 things in 30 days Challenge

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

While I was googe-ling I found this :

Day 1 — Your favorite song
Day 2 — Your favorite movie
Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.
Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.
Day 5 – What makes you different from everyone else?
Day 6 –  A song to match your mood.
Day 7 –  A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.
Day 8 –  A picture of your favourite memory
Day 9 –  Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
Day 10 – A photo of your favorite place to eat.
Day 11 – Your dream wedding.
Day 12 – A photo of the item you last purchased.
Day 13 – A picture of your favourite band or artist
Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.
Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.
Day 16 – Short term goals for this month and why
Day 17 – How you hope your future will be like.
Day 18 – 5 things that irritate ME about opposite/same sex
Day 19 – A picture of something you want to do before you die
Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.
Day 21 – A photo of something that makes you happy.
Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.
Day 23 – 15 facts about you.
Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to you.
Day 25 – Who are you?
Day 26 – A photo of somewhere you want to go.
Day 27 – What kind of person attracts you?
Day 28 – In this past month, what have you learned?
Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.
Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

Ahah. I like this! hoho. This means I have a bunch of 30 ideas in a month to publish a post. XD
Okay.Let see whether I manage to finish all this 30 challenges or just hangat hangat taik ayam jek ! 

once upon a time in the eveninggg..

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Ewahh.. Title macam nak berstory telling.hehe. Actually, I don't have any specific title about this post.huuu
So just type what's crossed my mind. bantai jer ! XD
Oke. Let's talk about Liam Payne (one direction)
Sape tak kenal tak payah kenal nanti korang terpikat. ;P
Jeles lah konon aku nihh.heh.
I'm a kpop-ers but... haa.. I still like english and malay songs tau. Cewahh. Nasyid jarang..huhu
Ayat al-Quran insyaAllah hari-hari :)  *ade ciri2 nak jadi isteri solehah tak.hee

Oh yaa. Today is perak's public holiday regarding to  our sultan's birthday. (May Allah bless you Sultan Azlan Syah )
Soo.. My family and I just relaxing at home. I'm glad 'cuz today I'm alone in da house from morning until evening.yeayy XD
and.. and .. my mom wanna go to Belum Rainforest for holiday on the end of month. InsyaAllahh..
First I thought Belum is in Pahang. And ingat pahang lah lagi. Actually it's in Perak je. wakakaa.
Nampak sangat aku tak tau tempat sendiri =="
I'm looking forward for it :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Olla blog. Pagi tadi aku ade test komp. kat manjung nak lulus untuk lesen L.heheh.
And I succeed. Betul la soalan dia memang keluar sebijik yang dalam buku tuh.
Alhamdulillah aku kuatkan semangat khatam buku tu..huhu
This saturday I have to attend the 6hours talk. haihh. fengsan ler..

Okeh. Happy di situ. :)
Dalam happy tu pun ade air mata. haih. benci. Penat tau kalau kejap gumbira lalalaa tibe tibe ade je benda yang tak seronok datang..
Hmm. Rasenye mungkin tu kot cara Allah ingatkan kita kepadaNya.
Sebab kalau kita sedih baru lah kita cari Dia.
Hakikat manusia.

Maaflah aku tak sempurna. Aku ni manusia yang selemah lemahnya.
Nak lari tak bolehhh..
Oh yaa.. I really really want to go to Australia. Its even better if I can pursue my study there.
Tingginye cita cita kan? Duduk kat negara sendiri pun nangis, nak duduk kat negara orang. huhu
Haii.. impian. kuatkan lah aku. Lend me the strength so I won't give up easily. :)

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

"Things are beautiful when you love them"

Thanks dear cousin. Your words remind me of all the beautiful things that I didn't realize, things that slipped away from my sight. 

p/s: i really need you.  *emo lebih

hey ho~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Olla u ollsss. cayang my cutie blog nih. *nada gedik mengada ngada. Okey. Juz ignore it.
Umm.. Where should I start...
ahaa. yup di duu..
Last thursday I went to my old school SMK Seri Iskandar. proud to be iskandarian ;D
I wanted to claim my SPM and LCCI certificate and alang alang hari tu jugak hari anugerah so, I sat and join the ceremony. and fortunately, my beloved brother(cewah) who's in form 5 now received the award for final exam last year's result. 
Dalam keseluruhan ranking, dia no 3.. hoho. (nak kembang hidung bangge jap). Tapi dia kalah ngan girls. Jyeah. You still can't defeat the girls..hihi.

It such a happy day for me to meet juniors and teachers. Even though, tak ramai sangat budak budak bawah aku dulu yang aku kenal.huhu.
I feel like a completely stranger when I enter the school and it is truly an awkward moment =_=
Sangat sangat sangat awkwarddddd tak terkate.. Malu pun ye.huuu~
Maybe cause I'm alone. yeah. that must be the reason.
And yesterday my bro's had their holiday. Means, they're having 3 days of wonderful school break.
eheh. wonderful lah sangat.. huhu. At least I'm not bored at home cause I have somebody to talk to and to teach. :)
Yup. I've become their teacher.hoho. actually, aku yang semangat. adik2 aku mase tengah study tuh dok tengok tv. yang lagi sorang makan lah pulak.. haih. macam2. Both are already in form5 and 4 but their behaviour are still like 10 y/o kids. only sometimes they can think like mature people. same lah macam kakak dorang =,=

My house gonna be a lil' bit empty as my dad is going to JB. Ade kursus.. haih. But my mom planned to take us to cameron highlands. omaiii.. hard to believe.. Well.. just wait and see if we're going to cameron HOMEland.huhu. Bukan pe.. Afraid that she's too tired with 5days of work and she doesn't wanna drive too far..

Seriously, I'm bored... oh yee.. Kalau takde pape halangan, insyaAllah sabtu depan aku akan pergi ke ceramah ujian memandu.huuu. That uncle told me that the talk is about 5 hours.. pfftt..
Nasib aku lah.. Dah tua baru nak amek lesen. All my friends already got one. 
Eh. Membebel banyak pulak aku ..
oke lah. till I write something again. don't worry be happy ;)
and be confident like this kitty XD

p/s : dear someone. I really miss you.When I'm sad, pissed off, or unhappy with something you're always lighten my day by sending those funny messages which made me laugh. even though you don't even know how bad my mood is. It was like magic when you sent those messages during my hard time as if you know how I felt at that time.  How I miss those days  :')

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

wordless Wednesday

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i would like to call it a day

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

 Olla :)
I just came home from uitm perak. My mom force me to attend a programme for degree students which is a motivational programme. Why did I say my mom force me? Because I really really don't wanna go and I gave so many excuses which my mom opposed with a lot of reasons that are so very true. and in the end, I said "Okey.." because I feel so bad when I gave those excuses and go against my mom's request.
 The reason that I refuse to go is because I want to stay at home and finish my work on tidying my room since my room is like a housing area that was hit by a thunderstorm during my absence.. It cannot be done in just one day cause I have to mop the floor, clean the window also and the most challenging is my study table. =,=

Weird huh? sebabnye, all my things from the old cupboard were thrown on that table when my mom decided nak belikan almari baru untuk bilik aku.. I became a bit shocked actually when I entered my room because I thought that everything is still in good conditions and I just need to clean the new cupboard and mop the floor.. But... sangkaan aku meleset same skali. haih.. Takpe lah.. Nak buat macam mane..

By the way, the programme is not bad... I sit with my mom's friend and her daughter. I feel a bit awkward because we are sitting among lecturers. I thought that I will be all alone sitting with kakak abang degree and that is the other reason why I refuse to attend the programme. Kalau lah aku duduk dengan diorang, sumpah memang aku nangis.. huuu~ Bagus jugak program nih sebenarnye cause it gives us awareness and remind us to our responsibility as a muslim..

So, I guess I'm a lil' bit motivated lah kot after dengar talk tu sume.. haha ;P Like my mom said, it's a good thing and knowledgeable programme. and that's why she insists me on attending it.

And now, I'm tired.huuu~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

First of all I would like to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beloved uncle Mr. Ahmad Sujaie.
May Allah always bless you.aminnnn..

Hmm.Talking 'bout birthday....
I really really don't like people who just wrote 'hb' at their friends' FB wall.  
Is it too difficult to type words such as happy birthday or selamat hari jadi?
Or if you're to lazy to type those words why don't you just copy it from the net and then paste it..
Why did you have to make it very very short? =="

p/s: my birthday is on 17th august.. hihi