towards the end

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

My name is Mirrah Diyana binti Maznun. I'm gonna be 19 this august,insyaAllah. ;)

Alhamdulillah.. Our dinner on 21st March 2012 went great!
Thanks to MPI0202D who were responsible in running this event.
It was a wonderful night..
Although the place is not like most of us expected, it all went well right? :D
Everyone was so happy that night..

I miss all of you dear TESLian UiTM alor gajah 2011/2012 ..
It takes 2 semesters but I miss you guys like I've known all of you ages. weird..huuu~
Just one thing that I regretted. I haven't got a chance to know all 119 of you personally though I know your names..
But still, we are friends from the same faculty ;D
Truthfully.. I am proud to be a TESLian (although my english is rubbish =,=)

Congrats to the gorgeous and macho MC's that night : Nur Syuhada and Zahidden(sorry kalau silap eja name ko.huhu)

and also to those who received the award
King of TESL : Mohd Fatahul Nizam (we called him as ayahanda)
Queen of TESL : Aliya Khairuddin (we called her as bonda)

Mr TESL : Rafaad Roslan-paad
Mrs TESL : Fatin Farhana-papat@chombi
Congratulations guys! ;D

And everyone was so elegant, gorgeous, stylo, handsome, macho, pretty, fair and lovely that night ^^
Including me.ahahahahaahaa *perasan sekejap
Ouh, thanks jugak kat aliya amira yg tolong make up kan aku.hoho
Believe me, I am so 'rambang mata' seeing everyone's dress.hihi.
They were so wonderful :)
I will never forget that night 21 March 2012
It was OUR night! yeahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all lecturers for coming.

To Mr Naza, mdm Nagamany, mdm Nisa, miss Siti, miss Juritah, ust Normala(sem1), ustz Ayob(sem2)
thank you very much for all the knowledge that you have given to us, for guiding us all the way in this asasi. Thank you so much.
May Allah bless all of you.. Aminnnn..
All of you were the BEST lecturers! ;D

To my former classmate MPI0201A and sem 2 classmates MPI0202A you've been great!
Love you guys :D
Nak taip name sorang2 memang tercabut la jari aku nanti..
Agak2 korang pernah sekelas ngan aku tu, tau2 la sendiri ea..heee

To mirza, you have been such a nice roommate, soulmate, and best friend ever .
Nisa, you are so nice and sweet like a lollipop ;D
Zati, you have been our regular visitor..huhu
and Cakci, Ijat, Wani, Aisyah, Bella Gandi, Bonda(aliya k), mira mustapha, Syu, Ajmal and Hazmira all of you were COOL!!!!!!! ;D
and.. ehemmm.. mohd harir jangan nakal2 kat kemaman yeeee.. ;)

Last word : May all of us always successful in future. May Allah bless us. and..
I hope that we will meet againnn...

remeber this

That you are not alone

I am here with you

Though you're far away

I am here to stay
But you are not alone
I am here with you
Though we're far apart
You're always in my heart
But you are not alone

and this

Bila resah, Ingat saat indah

Bila rindu, Ku nyanyikan lagu mu

Sehari ku rasa bagaikan setahun

Menunggu tibanya oh bahagia
tanak cakap banyak lagi.. Just enjoy the pictures.credits to mirza and her camera <3

mirza, aku, nisa

this flower is for you  ;)


the mc's

queen n king of tesl

mr n mrs tesl

tata :)


khairunisa said...

mwaaaaahhhh =D rindu ko mirrah T,T

miradyana said...

muahhh.muaahhhhh.rindu ko jugak sgt sgt sgt..hee

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