I wanna go home!perak, I miss youuuuuu......

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

I feel like committing a suicide.
subhanAllahhh... what am I thinking?
I have been in s.alam for almost a week and I'm bored. really really bored. It's fun here but there's only one thing.. one thing... Ianya membosankan.. Camne ea? Seronok tapi bosan..
Oh I think it's fun because I don't have to do as many chores as I have to at my house.ngehh3..
Pemalas =,=
But it is boredddd... I miss my bed....miss my room..
How are you dear room? Are you fine? did any of my brothers hurt you?
and my messy table which I used to put all my things (ALL) including jajan (if I buy it laa..), how are you? do you miss me? I bet you aree... 'cuz I'm missing you so dearly.... Can't wait to put my lovely lappy on your woody surface, can't wait to lie down on you.. golek2 macam kucing. wuuuu~
and and and... do other personal stuff in my room.hoho.
My only roommmm... you are mine.forever.hoho

Dear thursdayyy... show your face a.s.a.p !
I want to meet my dad and my brotherss and our house of course...
rindu.rindu.rindu.. <3
Okeh. done. 
Oh yaaa... When I'm back home, I'll make a post bout our dinner. hee

p/s : lagu Yuna-terukir di bingtang sgt bessttt.. it reminds me of you my dear bestie,ex-roommate mirza :)

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