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towards the end

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera..

My name is Mirrah Diyana binti Maznun. I'm gonna be 19 this august,insyaAllah. ;)
Alhamdulillah.. Our dinner on 21st March 2012 went great! Thanks to MPI0202D who were responsible in running this event. It was a wonderful night.. Although the place is not like most of us expected, it all went well right? :D Everyone was so happy that night..
I miss all of you dear TESLian UiTM alor gajah 2011/2012 .. It takes 2 semesters but I miss you guys like I've known all of you ages. weird..huuu~ Just one thing that I regretted. I haven't got a chance to know all 119 of you personally though I know your names.. But still, we are friends from the same faculty ;D Truthfully.. I am proud to be a TESLian(although my english is rubbish =,=)
Congrats to the gorgeous and macho MC's that night : Nur Syuhada and Zahidden(sorry kalau silap eja name ko.huhu)
and also to those who received the award King of TESL : Mohd Fatahul Nizam (we called him as ayaha…

I wanna go home!perak, I miss youuuuuu......

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
I feel like committing a suicide. oke.tipu.. subhanAllahhh... what am I thinking? I have been in s.alam for almost a week and I'm bored. really really bored. It's fun here but there's only one thing.. one thing... Ianya membosankan.. Camne ea? Seronok tapi bosan.. Oh I think it's fun because I don't have to do as many chores as I have to at my house.ngehh3.. Pemalas =,= But it is boredddd... I miss my bed....miss my room.. How are you dear room? Are you fine? did any of my brothers hurt you? and my messy table which I used to put all my things (ALL) including jajan (if I buy it laa..), how are you? do you miss me? I bet you aree... 'cuz I'm missing you so dearly.... Can't wait to put my lovely lappy on your woody surface, can't wait to lie down on you.. golek2 macam kucing. wuuuu~ and and and... do other personal stuff in my room.hoho. My only roommmm... you are mine.forever.hoho
Dear thursdayyy... show your…

bile lagi?

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
Lokasi sekarang : Janda Baik, Pahang..
Ya Allah.. Sedihnyeee... Tapi still aku tak boleh menangis. Sedih bile log in fb bace status dorang sumenye melepaskan perasaan rindu... Pilunye... Bile lagi kite boleh jumpe? Bile lagi boleh gelak same2 menggila? Bile lagi boleh jalan jalan kat melaka nuh? Bile lagi boleh main boling ramai2?-even I'm suck at playing it =,= n tringat mase wani aja aku mase kt MIBC :'( Bile lagi boleh makan masakan mak roommate aku? Bile lagi boleh dating,jalan2,bergembira kat tasik tun fatimah? bile lagi? bile lagi?
.Missing all of you.

dear boys and girls of asasi TESL,UiTM alor gajah,Melaka

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
It's the end.. I'm so sad of leaving campus yesterday. I saw their tears. I felt sad as they felt. I felt like crying but I didn't want to. I can feel the tears inside me. I kept it in my heart. I'm ashamed of crying in front of my aunt, in front of you guys.. Walking out of our college, I told myself : we'll meet again! aminnnn..
aku sebak.. Sedih sangattt.. kita dah macam family.. I miss you guys especially our level, marwah 1. I miss my room, my bed, my table,my locker at tun hasan and I miss my crazy rommate and of course the bathroom also. There are so many things that we've gone through in 2 sem of being teslian. I miss your laugh, your crazy joke, your smile, your voice and everything..
Till we meet again dear friends.. :')

after final

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
Take a deep breath. Walk slowly,get out from the hall. Heart racing when I saw 'you'. Then the heart yell : yeayyhhhh! dah abis finalllllll~~ ohoooo
There goes the last paper ctu082/tpi082. Just wait for the result >.<
Dear asasi TESL UiTM Alor Gajah 2011/2012 good luck in our next challenges ! ;D


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Cakap sikit atau banyak pun tak guna. So, diam je la.. Telan je la selagi mampu :)
I miss you too ;)

happy 19 dear

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
I know it's too late already. But still. i wanna post it! >.<
Mohd Harir bin Mat Zaik. SELAMAT MENIKMATI TAHUN KE 19 ANDA PADA 28 FEB 2012.. huuu.. It has been ages since your birthday and only today I manage to post all this. maaf maaf maaf >.<

I really really want you to know how special you are for me. Yes. We fight. Always. But, I've never felt tired or bored. It makes me wanted to get to know you even more. Sorry for my misbehaviour and everything. I'll try my best to be your best ! pinky promise ^^

You said that I'm beautiful even though I'm not. so..I'll try to be beautiful for you ^^
p/s: teruskanlah jadi macho utk sy je.heee ;P

freak out

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
Biarlah hari ni aku nak post banyak banyak sebagai melepaskan gian untuk online disebabkan tersayang di-terminated line nya dan disebabkan sibuk study memanjang, menyiapkan assignments akhir sebelum study leave minggu lepas and karang nak study lagi dengan encik Harir. Fuhhh... Can't believe that I type all of that in one breath. ;P oke. tipu.
I'm thinking of filling the UPU. huuuu~ Which U I wanna choose to pursue my degree in TESL???? That's the biggest problem. =,= And if I didn't get TESL, what other choices of programmes do I got in my mind and does it suits me. layakkah aku?? urghhhhh.... fusing kepala sudahhhhh~~
Uni's in mind : 1. UPM 2. UKM
3. UIA? -they said that Arabic is compulsory. which is my weakness T_T 4. UM - ada yg kate one of requirements is band 5 for MUET.aku nih, band 4 je la yang mampu =,= 5. UiTM
USM is big no,noooooo.... jauh sangat
K, bye.

don't care

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
Update. again ;) I'm so damn bored! and I don't care.
Have you ever feel that suddenly, you don't care at all and you don't even bother to know about someone who used to be very closed to you? That's what I feel right now. It grows stronger from day to day.
It's weird when I don't even care to know about you. What's happen between you and them, what's your feeling, what are you thinking and so on.. I don't care and don't even bother to know about it. Tapi yang peliknya, rasa menyampah pulak yang kadang kadang muncul. haih.
Maybe because finally I see that the one who should be blamed is YOU. Yes my dear.. You. I still don't get it why did I back you up in the first place. Why did I support you at the very beginning? and now, I feel that I want to annoyed you. irritate you.
Life is truly complicated. Or is it me the one who can't understand others feelings?


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
It really is just around the corner! T_T Final examination for TESL-ian will be on MONDAY 12 March until 20 March. After that, bye bye :'(
Never thought that it would be this fast. We're heading to the end. 2 semesters.
Sayang sekalian... aku sayang anda anda sekalian. Dah nak final dah haaa.. Entah berapa orang lah pulak yang berjaya dapat DL sem ni.. Aku teringin jugak nak merasa tapi.. kalau dah takdirnye dpat dalam mimpi je. redha je lahhh.. Maybe there's a beautiful secret hidden behind those failure :)
For now, prepare yourself for the FINAL WAR. Baju dinner pun dah ade. So, ape yang nak dirisaukan lagi? hee

p/s : Bigbang ada lagu baru BLUE tajuknye. besstttttt! ;DDDDDDDDD