undeniable me

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

The next next next next and the following week will be very very very very hectic.
Trust me.
Sorry dear.. It's nearly the end of semester.
Chaotic days have already started.

And.. you'll cry a lot Mirrah.
That's what I've been telling myself.
I cry a lot these days.
Misunderstanding, heart to heart conversation, advises, assignments..

A friend said that : "don't be so weak, Mira.."
How can I be strong?
I'm not strong enough to hold myself, to grab myself
and even to believe in myself.

Daaa.. you're an 18 years old girl.
This August you'll be 19.

Such a careless girl like me..
Please understand me too..
I've never been so far away from my family
I've never been in a hostel before
I've never been live by my own
Whoever I met here who can handle me, my spoiled behaviour
I'll assume them as my family, brother or sister..

There's still a lot of things inside me that can't be transcribe..
Have you ever feel like that?

Naa aa.. nope.
Semua orang boleh berfikir dengan matang dalam hampir semua perkara.
Hmm.. I'm still the one who left behind.
I laugh at myself when I thought bout it.

To be loved, you must love yourself first.
but, too much love you give for yourself will destroy you.
Another thing that I've learned.
I'm still searching.
Searching for my true self.
Searching the reasons why.
Its never been to late isn't it?
Dearest blog. Be with me pleasee..
Always. and I mean it. :)

and you.. I don't want anything more from you except your true heart. understand me that I'm a GIRL that's so a GIRL. GIRLISH. who posses a fragile heart. careless heart. such a careless girl.

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