Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Yesterday I spend the last rm100 voucher at MPH in oneUtama.

Abes sudah baucer aku..
and this time I bought a lots of english novel.
I rarely read english novels *kate tesl =,=
but this time, I really really very very into it! ;D
I chose a thriller type novel which is weird because I usually read love,romance malay novel
but when it comes to english novel, I'd chose a thriller.

And yeahh. I had finished reading BEASTLY.
Yeayyyy! hoho.
Its a modern fairy tale of beauty and the beast.
Since I'm very fond of fairy tale and those happily ever after idea, so I LOVE the story
very very much! <3

It's romantic.. huhu ^^
And yeah. I had watched the movie yesterday but I don't really like it...
Compare with the novel, I love the way all the scenes describe in the novel than in the movie.
Heh. I had enough of babbling here.
I should start working on the Ass-ingments... ;P
ta ta.


Hanizafirah Ibharim said...

miradyana :) hani pun minat nak amik tesl ni, best tak ?

miradyana said...

hani,bagus2!sy support. best! ^^
mcm2 pengalaman dpt.. ;)
and bnyk yg kite akan blaja..

Hanizafirah Ibharim said...

really ? best kan ? sebab baru lepas spm kan, so ttbe minat pulak kat tesl ni. time register online upu tu pun hani banyak amik asasi tesl dgn asasi Bi. but , my english is not that really great . Ehee :P

miradyana said...

yup.best...assignments laaaaagi 'best'!! ahahaha..ala,bleh punye..english sy pun still bterabur lg..huuu~

Hanizafirah Ibharim said...

Ouh thanks, nanti apa papa , saya tanya tanyamira ,okay ? :d

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