happy chinese new year holidays~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

The best thing is : H O L I D A Y!

And another best thing is I'm going back to Shah Alam.
Perak is way to far since the holidays will be about 4 days, so it's better for me to stay quietly in shah alam.. huuuu~
Mama'll coming soon maybe on sunday.
So, I'll just wait for themmm laa with ocik and pak cik mat..

I have another rm100 voucher to be spend. hoho
Buku free weyhhh! ;D

Last week I spend rm100 at Mahkota Parade @ MP.
So, this week I'm gonna spend another rm100 WISELY at s.alam..
Hee.suke suke suke..

Alright then.. I'd better get ready now.
My friend will fetch me up at 10,we're going to alor gajah..
since I'm going back by bus at 11.

toodles ;)


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