Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Yesterday I spend the last rm100 voucher at MPH in oneUtama.

Abes sudah baucer aku..
and this time I bought a lots of english novel.
I rarely read english novels *kate tesl =,=
but this time, I really really very very into it! ;D
I chose a thriller type novel which is weird because I usually read love,romance malay novel
but when it comes to english novel, I'd chose a thriller.

And yeahh. I had finished reading BEASTLY.
Yeayyyy! hoho.
Its a modern fairy tale of beauty and the beast.
Since I'm very fond of fairy tale and those happily ever after idea, so I LOVE the story
very very much! <3

It's romantic.. huhu ^^
And yeah. I had watched the movie yesterday but I don't really like it...
Compare with the novel, I love the way all the scenes describe in the novel than in the movie.
Heh. I had enough of babbling here.
I should start working on the Ass-ingments... ;P
ta ta.

happy chinese new year holidays~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

The best thing is : H O L I D A Y!

And another best thing is I'm going back to Shah Alam.
Perak is way to far since the holidays will be about 4 days, so it's better for me to stay quietly in shah alam.. huuuu~
Mama'll coming soon maybe on sunday.
So, I'll just wait for themmm laa with ocik and pak cik mat..

I have another rm100 voucher to be spend. hoho
Buku free weyhhh! ;D

Last week I spend rm100 at Mahkota Parade @ MP.
So, this week I'm gonna spend another rm100 WISELY at s.alam..
Hee.suke suke suke..

Alright then.. I'd better get ready now.
My friend will fetch me up at 10,we're going to alor gajah..
since I'm going back by bus at 11.

toodles ;)


Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Lots of thanks and gratitude to Allah the Almighty.

I'm happy with what You gave.
I accept it with an open heart.
Thank you Allah..

Thanks dear muet result ;)
Now, I'm more confident and full of spirit to pursue my study.
I'll work even harder!
gambate! ;D

p/s: tengah berkira kira nak sambung kat UPM. lecturer pun cakap situ best. mama dah setuju. ayah oke je :D insyaAllahhh...

a week after the break

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

So many things to do..
Kan kengkawan ? >.<

Hmm. Just wait for chinese new year..
i want to rest.
Rest lah sgt kan..
Nanti tengok tengok dihadiahkan assignments lagi..

Oh ye...
MuET result is on this 12 Jan! :O
takutnyee~~ >.<

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