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I've been tagged

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
Since I have free time now, I better do it now.. Kang dah balek Lendu memang tak la aku ada mase..
Thanks yana ;)
1)Last beverage : ==" cannot remember 2) Last phone call : This morning. from my Ocik <3 3) Last message : Just now..from tuttt~ 4) Last song : Heo Young Saeng-Let It go 5) Last time you cried : Tengah hari tadi. sebab mama ajak pegi mane tah.huhu

Have You Ever

6) Date someone twice : Nope 7) Been cheated : YES 8) Kiss someone & regret it : No. 9) Lost someone special : Yes.. 10) Been depressed : Yes. So many times. 11) Been drunk & threw up : Woooo..Memang tak ler...

List 3 Favourite Colours

12) Red *stunning.hee 13) Green 14) Black

Have You

15) Made a new friends : Yes. of course. especially in Melaka <3 16) Fall in love : Yep. Numerous times even with Nickhun(2PM) XD 17) Laugh until you cried : Yes. Long time ago 18) Met someone who changed you : Yes. My true friends ^^ 19) Found out who your true friends : Haruslaa ya! 20) Found out s…

My speech

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
This is what I made for my demonstrative speech for listening and speaking subject.

this is a mini pot note-holder

Making pots from magazines. It's easy and simple but requires a lot of patience.. I found out these in a newspaper. So, I thought why not if I do this for my demo speech? its not a bad idea though...
But, the problem is when I have to present it in front of my classmates and lecturer, miss siti zuraina. gulllppppp~~ and this brings about 15% or 20% of marks I think. gulpppp againnn...
By the way, its end of the year. The very last day of 2011. So, I want to apologize to everyone. Please forgive me. I'm just an ordinary girl with a lot of imperfect here and there.
Wish to get the best for this coming 2012. Especially my pointer and my muet result. Smile dear ^^

i heart this year ;)

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
2012 is coming. so soon. pejam celik pejam celik dah nak habis tahun 2011.. Tercapai ke semua azam?
Humm. adelah sesetengah nye tercapai.. Bila lah boleh capai semua.haih. And, I don't think of any wish for this coming 2012 yet. Because, I don't feel like it's end of the year since my second sem had started last november and ends in march.
So many things happen. Here and there.. Some of it was sweet, some was sour, some was mix up~ eh, macam memasak pulak.. hihi But,mostly was AWESOME! haih.Sayang pulak la nak lepaskan 2011 ni..
Especially you

andddd.... him ^^

Frankly speaking, I've change so much. Especially this year laaa.. Terutamanye fizikal. pfttt..
credit to fairuz ^^ The most awesome moment was last thursday. It was so fantastic when you met your best friends after about almost a year you didn't see each other! But, it would be even perfect if Oca was around... Never mind. Maybe next time. InsyaAllah... I LOVE THEM <3

what a holidayy~~

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
I'm backkkkkkkk!!!!!
macam tv show pulak ==">okeh. warga students uitm cuti seminggu..Tapi.... ye.. ade tapi.... As a present for this holiday, our lecturer gave us loads of assignments. Well... That's 'nice' =,=
Yeahh.. Lecturer tesl memang baik.. huuu~ Cuti dah tak macam cuti. tapi tak macam cuti pun, malam khamis lepas aku dah balik.haha Mula2 balik shah alam. Then jumaat petang balik perak-my beloved home <3 pagi sabtu esoknya pulak pegi kedah, esoknya ade kenduri kat sg. petani. after kenduri, terus balik perak.. Singgah kampung jap. Pastu, balik rumah. Maklum lah, dari rumah ke kampung ayah sejam je so boleh balik hari. Isnin esoknye pulak, aku n ayah pegi beli tiket bas nak balik ke Melaka then balik kampung lagi... Tell you what, this the first time I go back to melaka by bus from Perak. hohoho. *bangga sekejap. Sampai bila nak suruh orang anta je kan.. Kalau rumah sebelah ngan uitm alor gajah tu hah jalan kaki pun bolehhh…

there's a time.

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...
Why am I so complicated? Sometimes, aku sendiri tak faham diri aku. Cepat gila kot mood ak berubah sekarang ni.. Kesian orang2 tersayang... Terpaksa ngadap aku.
Why am I like this? Arghhhhh~ okeh, dramatic sudahhh. huhu
Never mind lah. I'll be oke tomorrow. InsyaAllah.. smile my dear face :)