dear november

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Alhamdulillah,praise to Allah for giving me chance to breathe until today.
And another good thing is..
I had started doing here and there exercises on MUET. hee
-pencapaian terbesar.hahah
Not much. But still..
At least I've started ^^
rather than sitting in front of my lappy 24/7 ;P

It's november.
Open a new diary with a brand new chapter, close the last month.
Tata october.
I'll miss you.coz you are different from the previous years october :')

They said that our result will be on 4th november.
Can you imagine. it really is just around the corner!huuu~
Few days to go.....
Can I achieve 3.5 at least. or just at leasttttt 3.0?
or maybe worse than that? gulp..
dearest result.. please be nice to me..

If the result will not be as good as I want, please ya Allah..
Give me strength to face it. make it as a lesson for me so that I wont repeat the same mistakes again in the future >.<

p/s: missing lendu. miss you so damn much mirza farhana.harap dapat jadi roommate lg next sem. ;')
and..missing your 'kekek' nisa. XD

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