be grateful :)

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Above 3..
yeah. I'm not good enough to get 3.5 and above.
dah itu je yang aku mampu.

Not good enough for this sem but for the next sem, I'll try my very best. InsyaAllah..
Maybe it's not my rezeki yet to get that dekan thingy huh?

We only have 2 sems.
and the next sem will be the last sem.
I really really need to boost up my spirit and my efforts.
Jyeahhhh! <----- opps.semangat lebih pulak.haha

Btw, congrats to TESLians who had managed to achieve that dekan tittle ^-^
I'm happy and proud to be your friend.. heee
Especially MPI0201A!
love you all! <3

Respond mama towards my result : that's oke.. It's your first time trial. Tak biase lagi kan..
Nanti sem depan boleh la tu..
*dalam hati bunga2 dengar respond mama.hihi. thanks mama
respond ayah : haaa? itu je? ish3..

Aku percaya kalau Allah dah tetapkan rezeki kita camtu, itu lah yang kita dapat.
And ade kaitan jugak dengan usaha ;)

My feelings right now... Humm..
A lil' bit disappointed but still..
I'm very grateful. I also believe that the result reflects my efforts and also my weaknesses.


Abg Stalker said...

tahniah wlupn bkn dean sem k. :)gf abg dlu pun amik TESL kt lendu pastu sambung kt KBM.

miradyana said...

thanks ;D
KBM kampus bandar? smbung tesl jugak gf abg tuh?

payeh yeh said...

rezeki ade wait 4 ur turn!!

miradyana said...

payeh,btol2! just wait for OUR turn ;D


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