Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Dear Harir

I'm a girl wearing imperfect attitude, behaviour physically and mentally.
A girl that will definitely spills everything along her way.

That's me. The real me.

I'm very grateful to have a chance studying in Melaka.
If its not because of the chance, I'll never meet you or even know your existence.
Truely, It's a pleasure :)
Oh yaaa.. I won't forget the very first time you ask for my number.
Tau tak, sangat cool bile seseorang lelaki mendapatkan number perempuan tu dengan usaha sendiri,
berdepan dengan perempuan tu
dengan seluruh keberanian yang ade although you are very 'cuak' at that time kan. hihi ;P

The weirdest thing is how you actually saw me instead of other hundreds of beautiful,
lovely, cute and perfect girls.

As you wrote : wounds heal, but scars won't
It really, really touched my heart. Because, I've hurt so many people in the past :
family, friends, anyone that knows me, ex's, etc..

It makes me think of how deep the
scars that they had instead of mine, instead of scars that I just ever had a
few months ago.
I'm very afraid that one day you'll have another scar from me.
I'm not afraid with mine, but yours.

But... But, I'll try my very best to make it work.
Because I'm hoping for it as well.

p/s:If I done any mistakes, juz speak it out loud. So that I'll realize it.

the author ;)


Anonymous said...

awwww...sgt touching..:D

miradyana said...

macam,haruslahhh~~ ;)

yana.irdany said...

cewah . kemain ko ek ? :DD

miradyana said...

yana: err.. no comment! haha XD

Fairuz Aqilah said...

ouwhh....i see. ^u^

miradyana said...

fairuz,what do you see?heheee O.o

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