why is it so hard?

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

L to the A to the Z to the Y

Hahah. that's the reason..
Actually, I was trying to urge myself to read something.
At least something and of course in English ( as I realise my english is like............urgh,Idon'twannamentionaboutit...........)

As the muet test -writing,listening,reading is just another 3-4 weeks ..
I want to prepare myself physically and mentally.
cewah! ;D
Semangat kau jah! haha
And of course I need to do a lot of exercises!
Not just only read something that can improve my vocab, but practise...
Practise makes perfect O.O
But....in order to do so.................
I find it very very very difficult to sit,open and read any book! O.em.geee
*Apenakjadikauni hah? =="

I'd rather sit in front of my lappy for hours downloading songs and video clips
(korean of course.haha) XP

And ouhhh... I'm so into heo young saeng now!
I just downloaded his first mini album. ngeeee.

-tengok.budak budak zaman sekarang.haih. lebih elok lah ko bangun tengah2 malam,qiamullail.

Okeh.tata for now ^-^

p/s: there're so many kinds, so many types of people out there... macam macam ragam. I wonder how my mom can be so patient facing those kinds of people... hmm.maybe because she's a MOTHER ;)

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