TESL is easy? =="

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

selamat pagi dunia dan seluruh isinya...

semoga kita sentiasa dalam perlindungan-Nya...

p/s:This is such a long long long entry.. ;)

First of all, I want to congratulate my friends, my Perakian friends-studied in UiTM Perak
coz most of them (i think most of them la.huhu) have already finish their exams.
And also, good luck for the result. :)

Okeh. Now, the topic.
Mama told me that, now few of her friends' children or can be called them as my juniors, want to pursue their studies in TESL.
Reason is because TESL is easy.
Or can I say, my mama had influenced you all to take TESL?
My mom is right when she says that English now has been a high demand in Malaysia.
I am very grateful that I follow her advice.
And luckily, I also love English.heheh

But, the fact that TESL is easy....
Hurrmmmm.. For me not.
There's no such things that are easy in this world.
Even for sleeping.

From my first semester experience, I can conclude that this programme is not so easy.
But it also not as tough as other course.

We don't have such things like maths subject for this course.
That's one of the reason why I choose TESL... Ngeee
And also, no such thing such as chemistry, addmath, physics, dan yang sewaktu dengannye..
Aku dah tanak jumpe sains2 tu sume. Tu pun antara sebab nape aku pilih TESL.
heee. *anak sape lah ni.

But.... Although all those subjects are not in this programme, there is still
errr.. can I say many subjects that are tough?
Example : Reading, Writing, Grammar, Oral(listening n speaking), computer
literacy, ctu(tasawwur islam)..
Atau aku sebenarnye yang tak pandai? ufufuuu~

The first four are the core subjects.Kalau TESL kat UiTM lah..
Kat U lain, I'm not sure and tak amek tahu.
UiTM di hati ku... Haha XD

Besides, in sem 1 you'll have project that is called 'school project'.
You have to cooperate with your classmates and conduct a programme for the primary school students.
Tak tau lah plak kalau2 ade yang kena kat sekolah menengah... =="

But, believe me. It's FUN.
Although you'll have a super duper awful migraine in order to produce a tip-top event.
Especially, pihak atasan. huhu
such as project manager and all of his aids..
Aku? Ahli biase biro sudahhh.. heheh.
This event was my most unforgettable moment ^-^

Err.. I think I can stop now.. huu~
This is my opinion. I don't know if other TESL students have other different opinion.
I'm not as good as you all who have such a brilliant brain :')

There's still a lot of things that I have to learn.
A lot to improve.
My advice, make sure you really really love english so damn much before you take this course
sebab kalau kita belajar something yang kita tak minat, tak menjadi jugak.
And make sure you get at least A- for english.

p/s: ouhhh.. I'm sleepy -________-


cik fyza said...

never takes anything for granted.

qila said...

uitm di hatiku dah di hatimu jua <3
haha :)

miradyana said...

fyza : yup. :)
fairuz: yeah!uitm di hati kita ;DD

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