pasal muet speaking hari khamis lepas

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera...

Baru hari ni nak update.
punce : malas

The question for my session which is 11.oo a.m is

'who should be invited to give a talk to pre-university students'
*(lebih kurang camnilah soalan dy... I can't remember....huhu)

A- a lecturer
B- university student
C- university counsellor
D- successful university student

To my surprise, I was the first candidate that is candidate A.
And the other surprise, my group was the first group to be tested.
Ouhhh.. thanks MUET =,=

Soalan sesi pagi : senang.
untunglahhhhhhh kan -.-
what was the question??
Oleh kerana terlalu senang, so aku malas nak ingat balik ape kah soalannye.

Seriously, I strongly believe that my performance during the test was like.................. =,=
(Sabar mirrah. jangan mencarut di sini)
I felt terrible.. huuuuuuu~~

Papepun, speaking dah lepas.
Now, what I need to do is preparing myself for reading, listening and writingg....

Oh yeahhhhh.. Pada hari tu jugak, Harir test muet.
tapi dia sesi pagi lahhhhh...
Mase aku sampai je, dia dah duduk lepak2, sebab dia group first so abis awal la kan.

Harir : Yeayyyyy ^-^

*ehem. I've mention your name.satisfy?? haha ;P

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